Rash has two versions of taunt.... Respect taunt in bound?

Basically what the title says. He’s the only character with two taunts and presumably each taunt has a slightly different input…
Seems like IG may have listened and starting to include a second taunt… Perhaps the long sought after Respect Taunt.
However, I do realise that Rash’s second taunt is anything but respectful, so maybe just alternate taunts for all characters are incoming.

What you guys think?

Given that his second taunt is simply an alternate version of the first and not something super unique that justified the effort to include it. it seems like alternate taunts will be a thing. Hopefully it’s for everyone though and not a situation like the stage ultras were only select S3 characters will have them.

I don’t know, I’d refer to Rash’s taunts as “romantic” and “quicky” taunts respectively. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though it would be cool to see multiple taunts. Perhaps as unlockable items?

I just want dance taunts. Each character has their own unique style and could have their own unique dance. Dance taunts are already a thing in mobas abd KI pretty much took a lot of things from them already why not add that. Not only that but the rash dance was pretty well received even melting the cold hearts of people on /r/kappa. I even overlooked the goofy aspect of it and if you’ve followed my comments you know I hate goofy things in KI.

I wouldn’t mind paying the extra 40 ultra edition if it came with dances for the entire cast. Sabrewulf needs a thriller dance.

I don’t really care about the respect taunt thing, but I would love to see alternate taunts across the board for everyone.

Rash has two taunts, yes…
But neither of them is a Respect. They’re both mocking the opponent.

Well if riptor gets a second taunt


Yeah, could they make the taunt to where you hold back button and then the different face buttons are different gestures.

I’m in favor. Sadira should have a spider dance. Not sure how this would translate to a human being but I’m sure she sometimes just wants to throw her hands in the air and sing ‘aaaayooo, I’m a black wiiidooow.’