Rash gets completely shut down by Warrior Eyedol

Maybe it’s just me not being the best, but dang; with Eyedol’s long reach, multi-hitting fast moves and Rash having no decent Wakeup attacks (Other than L Boot, but even then it has a slow startup and is usually stopped)

I find it ironic because it’s an easier time dealing with Mage Eyedol with him than Warrior, while Mage was designed for air/space control.

Anyone else feel the same way/Any tips to putting a stop to this utter blasphemy?

I find that Rash has great wake up options… shadow big boot is unstoppable. So much so that if Rash has meter I don’t go anywhere near him on his wake up.

You have to apply the pressure…if you are using rash defensively then yes Eyedol is going to win.

Are you talking about a jumping HP and nothing else type of Eyedol or just a all around good Eyedol?

All around. Usually blocked accordingly to my boots, and honestly even backdash doesn’t work against him with his intense range.

I did apply intense pressure, but I was usually beaten to the punch on every move. Honestly simple block-retaliate works much better on Rash than I think it should.

also the jump H Eyedol would be me cuz I’m still trying to learn him.

Well I have a lot of trouble against Rash so I guess we see it totally different. You know it may be best to allow warrior to finish a combo on you so he is forced to change and then just go ham on his mage so he cant change? Its a strategy!

Right now, I feel warrior and mage aren’t properly balanced. Either way, it’d always be easier, IMO, for rash to deal with mage than warrior. Zoning out rash is a pain in the @$$. His mobility tools, specials and normals are perfect to outplay zoning tactics.

It’s in dealing with upclose pressure that he suffers the most, as he can become quite unsafe.

If you get in on mage Eyedol, don’t let up at all. He’s got no invincible wakeup in that form (to my knowledge) and you have no reason to respect him once in. Meaty him on wakeup as often as you can. Tongue also works wonders as it’s super quick and beats a lot of his mage attacks out in startup and gets you in quick. Tongue is good for a meaty setup and just basic pestering him into blocking. Don’t forget to also mixup with his overhead, because once you’ve trained Eyedol to block your meaties, you gotta get tricky to open him up.

If he has the ability to go instinct, DO NOT MEATY on wakeup. This is when mage goes dual mode and gains an invincible wakeup. I’ve seen it several times, the Eyedol player goes instinct, uses the shadow DP with tons of meteors for a high damage unbreakable opener, and tries to recap while the meteors are coming down because it’s SUPER hard to see through all the explosions and effects on screen.

While just in mage mode, tongue also can move you at speed and angles difficult for Eyedol to effectively deal with.

Warrior mode Eyedol is a different beast altogether, and I do feel balance should be visited upon him. That j.HP is too good, and I’ve seen some players who merely fish for ground bounce hits into combos all game. Most anti air normals can’t deal with it as it has fast startup and a decent attack box, and if you don’t have an invicible startup special like fireflash or Tiger Fury, it’s super hard to deal with.

His forward moving command move, the triple hitting one, should be fairly easy to shadow counter. If you don’t, most players will try to follow up with the club pounding move, which hits twice outside of combos. Block the first and shadow counter, the second hit triggers the counter. However, a shadow counter on the club one is very range specific I’ve found. If he hits you with it at longer distances, and you shadow counter it correctly, you may be so far away, Eyedol can sometimes recover quickly enough to block it. This happened with me as Cinder once. I countered it at a long range, and Eyedol recovered before the counter could connect and he got away free. I did it again at point blank range, and it worked like it should have.

Try not to let him into crossup range, between j.HP, j.HK, and j.MK, he’s got a crossup game that’s better than Sadira’s. The low jump arch combined with the attack box sizes and their startup speed, he can lock down at cross ups, unless you can time a well placed invincible reversal.

His meaty game is pretty good too, and if you don’t have any meter as Rash to use shadow big boot, he’s gonna stay on top of you pretty hard, especially in corners.

I think his mage and warrior pip charge moves should be revisited, they are both insanely hard to defend against and punish. Even if he misses the warrior command grab or the mage teleport, they are difficult to punish as the grab recovers more quickly than most others in the game, and the teleport is hard to anticipate which direction he’s going to use to block and punish, and really the fast startup will catch you by surprise too. Is it going to be behind or in front of you? Even if you guess right, it’s difficult to get an upper hand on him.

Rash doesn’t have the worst of time against Eyedol, but I think there are some significant imbalances with the character that will be addressed in time to bring Eyedol down to a level where he’s going to actually require a little more finesse and thought to play, so Rash isn’t going to be down for long. But even so, this matchup isn’t too difficult.

If I’m at long range against the mage, I can try and time tongue to close the distance against a well timed block and get him on his next move’s startup to get in, or if I have a life lead, I can sit back and block all those super easy to block mage attacks and not even care. He’ll eventually force switch to warrior mode, and shadow Ram horns beats his forward moving specials all day. Purple magic means he’s gonna do the ground electricity (at long range), and red magic means I need to stand block against a meteor. After a while, it was too easy to wait it out against a turtle mage.

Unstoppable? I don’t agree with that, it’s a good wake up option don’t get me wrong, but since it requires meter I’d hardly call it unstoppable. I think it’s like -46 on block, so unless he has instinct he’s screwed if you block it, and even if he does burn instinct, that’s a lot of resources to burn to make yourself safe after a wake up option.

Unless you bait it out and prepare to block…its a damn good wake up option… its a hell of a lot better than a lot of the casts wake up options… plus a great throw range. Rash isnt lacking in any department.