Rash Dance Contest!


Ain’t no such thing as ruining it lol just let em bust a move and have fun!


Total winner here!


First off, I wanted to thank everyone for participating! With this contest, it was obviously something different than the norm. I wanted it to be something unique and also I wanted everyone to feel like they had control on their ability to be successful in it.

Without delay, your winners are…

1st Place - Winner of the EightySixed Origins Shirt - @ShortFuseBobOmb

2nd Place - Winner of Season 3 Ultra Edition Code of Killer Instinct - @RMMorbidHoagie

3rd Place - Winner of Season 3 Ultra Edition Code of Killer Instinct - @GamingAlejG (Twitter)

I’ll be contacting you guys soon with your prizes! Thanks again everyone. Look for more fun and unique contests like this in the future!


Did we have to enter them here on the forums?


Nope, entries were accepted everywhere


Congrats all!


Congratulations 2 all people who participated good stuff so much fun :wink:


Man, you gave the code to someone who already has it lol


Humiliations confirmed?


Way to go all who entered!


Glad you picked up that sweet shirt. Not gonna lie, a little jealous.


Well if you wanna see it you’ll have to walk over when I get it, I can’t walk it to you. Unless I get that robotic leg with a wheel and rocket booster. Eh ■■■■■ it, wanna KI later?


Yeah, I don’t mind some matches.


Deserving winners all along. Congrats to all!


We should have another one of these fun contests!


Finally, someone necro posts on a decent thread with a good purpose.


It’s still a necro :slight_smile: @SonicDolphin117


You need your necronomicon checked, you have been using it an awful lot lately.


Contest idea:
Real life ultras!

Have people recreate their favorite ultras in front of a camera (as best they can!) XD


I’m onto your cringe compilation schemes…


Oh believe me, the rash dance contest filled the cringe comp quota for the next 8 years!

But it’s not really cringe if we are all having fun and encouraging each other instead of judging each other. I would surely compete in a real life ultra contest.