Rash Dance Contest!


HAHAHAHA you’re a good sport.


Great job!

See guys, that’s all there is to it. Now just think, if no one else submits their video, he’ll win be default. The more creative you are, the better odds you’ll have with winning!

Good luck everyone! Can’t wait to see more!




I hope this works. Was wearing a batman mask lol.





looks like fun, like the kind of fun idea people come up with when they’ve had a few too many…

…but sorry, I’d rather just buy the shirt than perform my own humiliation.

…but don’t let me stop anyone else that wants too. I’ll be a humble spectator…


Did I win?


This thread is going to make KI fans the laughing stock of the FGC.

… (Begins thinking about how i can participate)


I can’t… I just can’t…

I have a teacher’s reputation to uphold.
This kind of thing, if it got out, could ruin my career.


You’d have to flee the country under a new name! No longer would you be the Galactic Geek, you’d be… The Nebulous Nerd!
…or you could do what I did and just put on a mask






You get my vote sir!


Hmm I have some ideas, it all comes down to execution though.

I shall be back in a few days.


I always liked the idea of “Nefarious Nerd” or perhaps even “Yoda Man.” :slight_smile:


Well, if we’re going to continue the theme of alliteration I’d think Yoda Yam would be preferred, but I’m also a simple mind with simple tastes.
Maybe Moda Man? No.

Nah, Yoda Man is best. Just a green batman with a Yoda mask that talks backwards


I just like the play on words, since it sounds like “You the Man!” :smiley:


Here’s mine​:joy::joy::joy:


HAHA XD I love it.


:notes: “All you gotta do is dance, dance, dance!” :notes: