Rash color 4 red eyes

Rash, when his color 4 is selected , gets these really weird blood red eyes. I’m pretty sure this is a glitch or something. Has anyone else experienced this ?

Rash Glitch you say…

What ever do you mean?


Lmao damn. U making ur way into the matrix there or something ?


Your picture Glitched… :frowning:

I know :scream: I just fixed it! :thumbsup:

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Any of u guys ever seen this ? It only happens to me with default color 4. The yellow one . His eyes are always completely blood red. Every time … I’d take a pic but I don’t really know how to.

Sunglasses, talking toad, eats everything…it’s pretty obvious Rash tokes

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Its part of the color, same as color 9 has a diferent color for the eyes

I thought it might be but it looks kind of glitchy and spotted like Maybee a bit of white in certain places of the eyes sometimes and the color kind of moves around a bit . But ok cool I guess they just wanted to make rash look stoned lol