Rash battery ender?

For some reason I thought I remembered Battering Ram being a battery ender, but I guess I’m mistaken? Is it just for hard knockdown? Did it ever give meter or has it always been this way

As far as I remember, Rash never had a battery ender, and I think he might be a tad broken with one. Big bad boot ender is for high damage cashout, wrecking ball ender is for wall bounce, Battering Ram ender is a side switching ender that does provide a hard knockdown.

Rash’s combo flow is pretty basic as far as all things go, but he does fantastic damage, and his moveset does combine together for some really nasty opportunities.

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It didn’t occur to me until after making this post that since he gets meter from eating projectiles he would wind up pretty broken with a battery ender haha. I feel silly for asking but at least now I know fer sure, thank you for responding.
Now that you mention it I wouldn’t be shocked if he got a couple nerfs here and there this coming Fall considering his damage output. Would be a shame for me to lose some crutches since I can barely make it to Killer but I know a lot of folks would be pretty alright with less damage on shadow boot in particular.