Rash able to link Light/Medium manuals from Light Auto Double?

Just had this happen during a match today. I can’t recreate it for the life of me. What is going on here?

Just tested it out. It seems his light kick linker is bugged and gives you a ton of frame advantage, you can even link heavies off of it. It’s only his light kick linker though, even though light punch has the same animation it doesn’t work with it.

Update: More testing shows he’s +11 off light kick double. You can get more than just normal manuals off it, you can link any strength boot or ram. Ram is especially nasty since each strength looks identical meaning you can loop the bug with complete guess linkers.


Thanks for the explanation! I can’t believe I didn’t think to try pressing LK for the auto instead of LP.

It has finally come to this…

BAN RASH and the world would rejoice. :sweat_smile:


Well. This’ll most certainly be patched out.

Wonder what it is about Rash that’s making him break in every new update :sweat_smile:


Don’t you hear him when he does his entrance in every game?

“I’m crashin’ this party!”


Blockquote[quote=“STORM179, post:5, topic:23440”]
Wonder what it is about Rash that’s making him break in every new update :sweat_smile:

Not saying this is the case, but it would be hilarious if the devs were doing this intentionally just to troll us as payback for a year of complaining about him.

I’ve played with this a bit and it seems that you can even go from his light kick auto double into either of the battlemaniac combos, which honestly delights me because I love that ender but previously could only use it on that simple 5 hit, easy to break combo. It’s not practical by any means though, I’d never use it in a match against someone good, but it looks cool to pull it off. But yeah, super unsafe against an experienced player. Even if they’re locked out it’s a very weak ender, just looks cool and I’ll miss it when it gets patched.
Edit: Looks like battlemaniac is also immune to kv, which is interesting. Even if the green bar is completely full, when you initiate it it won’t blow out the combo.

Wow- thanks for the heads up on this. No change was made to my knowledge, will look into it before commenting any further (secret tech? Rash glitching the KI universe again? bug… ?)

Will keep you all informed, might be a few days.


It honestly reminds me of all the Sadira bugs…

Thanks for taking a look! I also left a post in the bug reporting thread with an extra Rash oddity. He can link medium Ram linker into crouching HP.

I sometimes wonder what it’d be like if real life worked like game design. “Hey, I fixed the flat tire on your car but now for some reason your kitchen sink shoots out fire.”


My guess it was always like this and we just didn’t notice until now?

I kinda doubt that it’s always been that way. I feel like one of the Rash players (there are a LOT them) would’ve seen this a long time ago if it were there. I’ve seen LK autodouble used by them in high level matches a lot - feel like an accidental “extra” link would’ve come out at some point if it was already in the game.

I could totally be 100% wrong, but I’d guess that it’s more of a “your kitchen sink now shoots out fire” (:joy:) scenario.

There’s another current Rash oddity that I noticed and mentioned in a different thread, but it does seem that currently if you do the battlemaniac combo with a bar of Shadow it no longer results in an ender. Even stranger is that with two bars of Shadow he no longer goes automatically into the shadow boot ender. Not a huge issue of course, you can still do the shadow boot ender with the input for it, but I know that functionally you are supposed to be able to just mash the lp or lk and have it come out by itself.