Rare Replay (Finally)

Finally picked up Rare Replay. Decided that 30 games from the last 30 years for $30 had a nice ring to it.
I’ll be honest though, apart from Killer Instinct I haven’t played any of them. Going in completely blind with no nostalgia goggles.
Wish me luck.


Good luck. Most of them are interesting, from a historical perspective but won’t hold your interest for more than 15 minutes - which is fine. We aren’t talking about Pac Man and Donkey Kong here. But there are a few games that are nearly worth the price on their own. R.C. Pro Am actually holds up fairly well. Depending on how you feel about 3D platformers the Banjo games are worth a look. Viva Piñata is also addictive and fun, if you like that sort of thing. The Perfect Dark games are dated, for sure, but might also be worth your time. I had never played “Grabbed by the Ghoulies” and had high hopes, but I found it to be pretty mind-numbingly bad gameplay - which was a disappointing surprise. The Battletoads arcade game is sort of a fun, mindless Final Fight clone that you can kill a few hours on too.

You must play that game! It’s was awesome!

Try to finish Battetoads. Its freaking hard.

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I stuck in level Rat run to bomb. Rat is really worst, I’ve seen.

I beat it back in the day. Frankly, I didn’t think it was worth it then, let alone now. Each stage is actually pretty conquerable on its own. But in order to learn the later stages you have to play flawlessly through the earlier stages. It gets to be an exercise in perfecting your run rather than a game. There is a reason game design moved away from that…

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I now recommend that you play Conker’s Bad Fur Day. It is SO hilarious and hysterical as well as zany and wacky. Overall that game is such a LAUGH-RIOT :laughing:

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Okay. Here’s my thoughts so far:
-KI Gold is pretty much just KI2, bit with some extra bells and whistles. I might run through it eventually, but after besting KI2 with each character, I’m not super motivated.
-Banjo Kazooie is pretty alright, it’s well built to say the least. Good level and puzzle design, and the characters all have personality. However, the controls and I tend to get into frequent disagreements, which kinda kills in for me a bit. Plus, after a while the vocalizations get really obnoxious.
-Kameo is pretty decent, though it certainly takes some getting used to. Interesting concept, and voice acting where I didn’t expect it. Flying upskirts are also appreciated. The extra outfits are a nice touch.
-Jet Force Gemeni did NOT age well. Really wish they’d get a more modern control scheme, because as is the right stick to strafe thing is really bothering me.
-Perfect Dark is good fun as long as you ignore the aim function. That style of aiming is less helpful than being able to strafe and shoot at the same time, and it doesn’t help that it’s ultra twitchy. Maybe if I lower sensitivity it would be better… Other than that, it feels almost like a combination of Halo (for visuals and soundtrack) and Duke Nukem (for gameplay… Apart from the health and gadgets, obviously).
-Perfect Dark Zero on the other hand…the controls feel sticky, and the opening level gave me a headache between the not quite clear objective instructions to the tiny enemies scittering about, and the frames just kept dropping. No thanks.

@KIFANATIC8488 I’m saving Conker for when my girlfriend comes over. She’s always wanted to have an opportunity to play through it with me.

Update: Played some more rare replay.
-Grabbed by the Ghoulies…No.Controls are lame, characters are lame, it’s just lame.
-Viva Piñata is different than expected. Never expected a pseudo Zoo Tycoon/Farmville mash up. Still, it’s more interesting than it looked…but also far less interesting. It’s not particularly fun, imo.
-Battletoads is, indeed hard.
-Battletoads Arcade is also hard, but it’s also fun as f*ck. I’ve been playing that for a while now. After doing so, I decided that Battletoads certainly isn’t a kids oriented series despite its cartoony style. I came to this conclusion right after I grabbed a giant cyborg wolf man by the junk and punched his balls until he bled to death.

apparently the 360 games are being emulated, they’re not ported. So I suggest: waiting for that backward compatibility thing is done…

I’m sorry my opinion hurt your opinion’s feelings, Kev :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s okay… It’s my favorite game… But you don’t should say that.

Oh my :0 Weird how different people’s tastes can be.

Edit to my Rare Legacy: CONKER’S BAD FUR DAY <3
Me and the girlfriend sat down together to play through it together. We’ve made it as far as the Great Mighty Poo.
It’s a lot more challenging than I’d expected, partially through some input, partially through graphical stuff, mostly from not knowing what the ■■■■ to do XD shamelessly using a walkthrough on quite a few parts

But apart from a few issues, the game controls really well, and has been worth quite a few laughs…and some cringing (thanks mostly to the poo section). Even with the help of the walkthroughs, the levels are challenging enough to make each achievement count. Probably one of my favorite games in the collection.


Another update to my conquest of Conker, partially copypasta’d from another thread.
I’ve made it up to the WW2 section and oooooh man, its been an interesting venture full of ups, downs, walkthroughs, and unbridled rage.
After defeating the great mighty poo, I come to the dinosaur world. After urinating on rock monsters, sacrificing my baby, using up 30 lives on the lava race section as I tried to figure out ■■■■, and riding Fangy into battle against a big caveman with a little bone, I grabbed some extra cash and dealt with zombies and vampires, before finally coming to the big world war between the squirrels and the TEDIZ.
The game is hard, but its usually fair. However, there’s one thing that has NOT aged well… The shooter sections. I’d be one thing if there was a weird button option here or there, but the controls on Rare Replay are locked in INVERTED SOUTHPAW. LITERALLY EVERYTHING IS BACKWARDS. WHAT. THE. F*CK???

That was the Turok default control at the time, because the N64 only had one Analog stick that you used with your left hand. It made sense at the time…

One would hope that Rare Replay would offer alt control schemes for modern pad. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by old Pc games being rebound in modern settings.

God f#ck that rat. I hate that little $hit.

That said, I have to say I really enjoyed the games on here, especially “Perfect Dark”, “Blast Corps” and “Battletoads Arcade”. Not to mention KI Gold, although there seems to be a hilarious glitch where whenever Tusk performs the super version of Conqueror he suddenly leaps high into orbit and disappears from the screen lol.
I wouldn’t mind a remake of “Underworlde” or “Knight Lore” but for this generation - those have some interesting stuff.

Shame about the cancelled Rare projects, though - I would have LOVED to have seen them done.