Ranking System Discrepancies

Alright, I know that losing in ranked is bad and you generally want to avoid it, but why in the world does losing to a Killer when in Killer rank - worth fifty points - cost you more points than losing to someone in bronze - worth 35, the same as winning against someone in Gold. Frankly, I’m tired of being stuck at 0 because every time I get a handful of wins, I also get a string of losses and there go all my points.

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I’ve had the same problem. I would like to know what each rank pays or costs when you win or loose. Its happened so many times I could be up to supreme rank on the gold teir, take a handful of looses and boom Im back down to master with 0 points.

There are very good reasons as to why the system is set up the way it is. The reason you don’t lose as much for losing to a lesser ranked player is simply to discourage people from “smurfing” the system. Smurfing is a form of game trolling where highly skilled players will reset their rank to pulverize lesser skilled players that are in higher ranks. In Season 1 with its ranking system, if you lost to somebody several levels below you, you were severely punished. I’ve lost whole ranks do to losing to a Button Masher who was really a Killer. It just works better.

In respect to getting ahead in Killer…

Honestly the only way you’re going to break your 0 score is to start winning consecutively. Once you get past the 50% win/loss ratio, you’re points will start to climb. Also note, if you win against somebody who has a much higher score than you, you will gain many more points than you are losing. In Ranked, I’ve accrued up to 1000 points from one win. Even if I lost 4 matches in a row, I’d still be 800 more points ahead than I was several matches ago.

I can certainly understand your frustrations as constantly losing isn’t any fun. I hate losing, but that comes with the territory. If you find yourself getting pummeled in Killer and you can’t break headway, then you need to start working out your tech in Exhibition where a loss doesn’t count against you. I lose all the time in Exhibition because I’m trying out new characters. I seldom use my main there, unless somebody becomes disrespectful and I have to put them into their place.

If you still find yourself getting destroyed, there is absolutely no shame in requalifying. Don’t be in a rush to get back to Killer until you know that you are ready.

When we all had to requalify back in April, I qualified right into Gold and within the first few days was back into Killer. It was a total nightmare for me, because all I was fighting was the likes of Cstyles, PaulB, CrazyLCD and such. They were fun games, but I literally lost every game. I ended up setting KI aside for almost a month until there were more people in Killer so I could have a chance. It wasn’t pretty. So I know how Killer can be horrible at times.

Don’t give up… just keep practicing. Hone your skills. You’ll start racking up the points.

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I appreciate the encouragement, but that’s not quite what my issue is. It’s not so much that I don’t like losing - I know it’s part of the learning process and the fights themselves are fun; Heck, I fought Sleep a few weeks ago and managed to take a bar off him - but more in that what I do win just doesn’t seem to matter in the long run, even with what is effectively a 50% win rate already. Overall, it’s starting to make ranked seem altogether pointless, and I feel like that could be improved.

Killer is a rough Rank. It’s a Rank where you’ll either destroy or be destroyed… Ultimately, to start getting ahead, you have to win more than you lose. Currently my average win rate is 60% and I generally end the month positive for negative. Once you are above the 50% threshhold, you’ll start banking those points.

Yes it is tough, but that is sort of the point of Killer…

I have no issue with the points, but i did notice something else interesting here…

Does everyone have the issue of winning a lot, followed by loosing a lot?

EVERY TIME i jump on ranked, i start the day off with, like, 10 wins in a row. I climb the leaderboard fast, and usually get to 900 or 800 (rank), and then BAM! All of a sudden, i dont win anything for the rest of the day.

Even when i re-collect my self, practice a bit, and try again. It just seems like i reach an “invisible tier” where i start getting matched with better players. I instantly drop to 0 points. I dont know if that is a real, invisible, mechanic… but i have had this happen WAY TOO MUCH to be a coincidence.

Its pretty simple, if you want to climb the ranks you have to win more than you loose. there is no way you are falling to Zero points unless you loose more than you win on equal ranked matches.

Here is what I suggest…and I promise this works. When you start Ranked and you win 3 in a row then loose 1 match…take a break. Come back later…win 3 in a row and then leave when you loose 1. If you keep trying to “avenge” your loss and loose again and again… well, you know where that leads you too…ZERO points.

the system isnt going to change …so you must adapt and overcome by finding a way that works for you that will get you 10x more wins than losses.

Good luck!

Yesterday I ranked just to try a bit of my pocket character. Honestly? I got totally salty, just because when I was winning some players would stand there for some seconds and suddenly EVERYTHING was lagging!!! I can’t believe how sad they can be to do this. It’s so dumb!! They goal is just to troll you and get a win. Ranked worth for nothing!. I can get beaten by lesser players that just DO STUFF, they aren’t even thinking to fight me. It’s not enjoyable… I would go exhibition but my experiences haven’t been great in that mode, is like they win and they leave, or they play and are disrespectful (I found less t…gers in ranked, no joke).
Ranked is not that great, and if I’m looking to get better I don’t think I’ll do it there. You just need to get the wins by having some setups, mix ups and tricks, you don’t need to be the best to get this, it’s just winning 2 matches.

If you are encountering people lagging matches, record the match and send it to a dev. They’ll investigate. The devs take cheating very seriously and this is what I do if I encounter people manipulating the system.

If the person just has a laggy connection, I send them a warning to check their net before they play and then I do an Xbox report on them.

For the most part, I haven’t had that many issues in Ranked. I’ve had days where I’ve run into cheaters back to back, but for the most part, it has been rather fine for me.

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