Ranking keep noobs with noobs?

Planning to get into KI with season 3. I Like fighters but suck. I usually dont get out of beginning ranks for anything ive played. Some fighters ive played its a lot easier to go up than down which is bad for me cause i end up in a spot that im not supposed to be in and for me to get out of that rank and down to a rank thats more my skill I have to lose a lot of matches to be put back down. But then if i win like 3 matches im back to that rank again and have to lose a lot till i get put back down. Its not like im not trying when i get ranked up or try to go in training mode to try to get better. Im just not good at fighting games and just doesn’t click but I do enjoy playing them.

1 Hows does rank work in KI . Im not playing to be the best i just like playing fighting games thats it. Will the rank system pretty much keep me in skill range or will i end up losing like 80% of my games go down in rank where i have a more of a 50 to 50 chance with people on my skill win like 3 games and go back to losing 80+ percent of my games again.

2 How does player matches work cause some games its the same matchmaking as ranked just no points are on the line. Does player match work differently that how ranked does matchmaking . Should i just stay in player and never play ranked.

  1. Ranked is designed to keep you matched with opponents of similar skill. If all goes according to plan, it should keep you with other players close to your level. However, it is also designed to make sure that you get a match, period, so if there’s no one available in your rank at the time it will pair you with someone above or below you to keep the pace of matchmaking up. In this instance, you get points gained relevant to whether you were the higher or lower ranked player in the match. For example, let’s assume you’re a Gold rank. Point acquisition should be roughly equivalent to the following
    Qualifiers=5 points
    Bronze=10 points
    Silver=20 points
    Gold(Equal)=30 points
    Killer(Higher)=40 points
    *Note: The system does not account for Smurfs (high level players with new lower level accounts) or abnormally good/bad players.

  2. Exhibition “player matches” are the Casual “for fun 1 on 1” mode. You can either match up with a random or invite a friend and run an infinite set until one of you decodes to quit. Lobbies are a group based extension of this, where groups of people can come together and run round-robins, hold online tournaments, or just watch sets with friends.
    Neither Lobbies or Exhibition effect rank.
    Edit: Also, in exhibition, you can set caps on how high your opponent’s levels can be, but you cannot set the max level below your own.
    For example, if you’re a Silver, you can bar Killers and Gold ranked players from your lobby, but you cannot bar other Silvers to set you up against only lower ranks. However, you can bar lower ranked players (in this case Qualifier or Bronze) to keep up the challenge.

Hope it helps!

Very informative. Thanks.

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Yeah I think it does a good job of keeping you around your skill level, I got put in gold rank and just about every match I play is really close lol

Though I do get put up against Killers occasionally too, but its typically other gold ranks.

I don’t know man. I feel like the ranking system should be a bit tougher and more add a few tiers. Their is obvious skill differences with bronze, silver, and gold but once you hit Killer it’s a jumbled up mess of different levels that are all tough. I think they need to add one or two more tiers. I found it too easy to get to Killler with this being the first fighting game I take serious and only having the weekends to play.

I think the secret to going up to Killer Ranked is to do cross ups all the time. Anything lower than Killer seems to not know how to fight against Sadira.


so whats the skill like in this game.Is it like this ish

Qualifiers=combo assist mashing fun.(People who never touched fighters)
Bronze= know basics of fighting games and know things here and there.
Silver= Decent players but have holes in their play and need work.
Gold= Pretty good players that have somewhat solid play
Killer=High level tourney ready players .

I’ve faced some good qualifiers. Sometimes some people’s ranks gets reset me being one of them about two weeks ago.

Bronze people usually can’t hold or finish combos. Every now and then I get paired up with a bronze player and I they tend to not be able to block either. I usually annoy them by doing a low sweep never letting them get up until they learn to block low.

Silver people usually do combos but all of the same strength most of the time.

Gold players throw in shadow moves every now and then and you can feel the competitive nature getting high.

Killer the skills in this tier are all over the place. Me and some other people I’ve faced don’t know how to break shadow moves and then there are others who can. Some people still don’t ever pop their instinct, some do. Some know and only do manuals, majority don’t. It’s a mish mash there but all the matches here get insanely close. After getting a super hyped close call match I immediately put down the controller and turn off my Xbox because of that competitive high and because I don’t want to face that same guy again lol.

Qualifiers = Just new players can be any standard really, but mostly close to you described.
Bronze = As above really, people don’t tend to stay in bronze long from what I’ve seen and move up as they learn pretty quick.
Silver = Pretty much your assessment of bronze.
Gold = pretty much your assessment of silver.
Killer = Everyone else. A very wide range of abilities in killer from pros to guys like me. As you can’t get relegated people tend to make it to killer and can never drop down, this is prob why such as large variety of abilities there.

These are just my own opinions from playing the game and coming across all standards and ranks of players in online modes.

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Seems like all the real level play is in Killers and everything else is boot camp. So u cant rank down?

if you get into the ranked, even as a noob, i would fully expect to sometimes fight against an opponent who is way above your skill level. that unfortunately is never gonna stop happening. however id say KI for the most part has been good at pairing you against someone at your level. i saw as much while watching a noobie friend play on his xbox. but as i said, he also had the displeasure of running into a top 32 at which point i had to take the stick and win that fight because cmon…he was at the bottom of gold rank. wtf lol

No you can’t rank down.
Killer rank is when matches go to 2/3 so you could say that .

Dang no rank down… so even if I suck if i play a lot ill make it to killer eventually. But its the same with everyone else so i guess their might be people there my rank anyway.

One more question . Are ranks getting wiped with season 3? Think i heard that somewhere not sure if it was official or not.

I have made suggestions in the ranked thread for more tiers and ranking down etc. Will have to see if anything comes of it.

I rarely play ranked now because i’m killer, I feel I have no motivation to play it anymore as I can’t go anywhere or see my improvements pay off. Which makes me sad, but it is how it is.

I don’t know if ranked will be reset again. It was at the start of season 2 but that was because they were implementing a whole new ranked system (which is still in beta I believe). So your guess is as good as mine. it probably depend if they want to make many changes to ranked mode or not.

The truth is that no ranked mode is going to match you up as well as if you befriend players of equal skill and then play exhibition with them.

MM usually does fine. May get an abnormally high or low player but they have to match you with somebody, with not a lot of people playing it Sometimes the game resets your rank rarely but you ussually get it back if you restart your game a few times, even if you don’t immediately get it you’ll get negative points to advance, go all the way to your previous rank, some players don’t know this and try to battle back in qualifiers which you may get matched with. The skill levels are kinda like this

Qualifiers: Combo Assisting fun!
Bronze: Getting a feel of combos and neutral
Silver: Better combos, usually finish them now, blocking and neutral coming
Gold: Depends, lower gold is like silver, but higher gold is better because of the struggle to get to killer. They usually have really good fundamentals, but don’t push their characters to the limit, and playing the “all fighter” way (cinders ground combos, sadiras not juggling quite right, riptors not doing their tail flip shenanagins, aganos not chunking, hisakos not using vengence). No golds really counter break unless extremely obvious or shadow counter
Killer: A wide variety of players, from level 14s who are abnormally skilled at fighting games but not specifically KI to level 50s who will beat you in a heartbeat. Usually know all the ins and outs of the game, and push their characters hard

Game sounds really intimidating in general, but a few days in I got most of the basics pretty well

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