Semi Related: Something tells me Qualifying is a bit whack right now, at least on the Steam version.

I got 7 wins (4 of them Ultimates) and 3 losses against Gold players (who based on how they played were Killers like me in the Xbox ecosystem) and it put me in Bronze. If it places other half decent smurfs like me in Bronze, its gonna be rough for a while for Steam newcomers

The rank is fine. It hurts your qualifying bad when you loose to gold and only beat sliver and lower. You can qualify in gold with a record of 3-7 if the wins are vs killer.

I’m surprised this thread has been revived. Originally it was about me complaining about the Pacifist-Level Killer/Real Killer ratio in ranked and suggesting that the ranked system be stricter.

Wow that brings back memories. When the whole qualifying thing happened, I won every match and started out at the end of gold. Won that match and went to killer. Made me feel real good, but then lost every single fight as I was fighting Cstyles, Bass, LCD… I had to step away for a few days to let others get into killer. It was bad.