I feel like it’s a little too easy to get to Killer in this game. When you are not punished much for losing games, especially remaining in the same rank despite losing lots of points, then finally make it to Killer, the difference between skill levels really shows. You’re either faced against a person who really knows what the hell he’s doing and beats the crap out of you, keeping you at zero points, or somebody who’s really bad, as in a Killer player who you beat while in Silver or Gold rank.
What I’m saying is, if people (like me) actually got demoted for losing lots of games, despite the rank they are in, online might actually be a little more competitive. That’s the suggestion I want to make. Thanks for reading.

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I just think Ranked needs more tiers. I’m glad it doesn’t punish people for just having a bad day or running into laggy matches like S1 did.


But more tiers mean won’t change anything. If somebody gets to the top by playing against people who aren’t that great, they are stuck with competition that isn’t really balanced out.

Then just make it hard to get there. Change the points scaling for each tier. Make it a grind.

Just keep it so the punishment isn’t too severe.


Naturally, I’d want it to be possible to drop down from any tier, but perhaps, making it so that from the bottom tier to Gold still has a chance of demotion could suffice. And people who make it to Killer can keep their rank.

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I have mixed feelings about this. Alot of the rank has to do with time of day. I know that I have alot harder time winning if I play on Friday and Sat nights after 10pm than I do at Wed at 2pm. Some of these players that get a high rank think they are good, but then play at a different time “when good players stream” and get destroyed.

I don’t think we need more tiers, however I do think that the killer tier needs sub tiers like the rest of the ranks have. Bottom to 1000, 1000-500, 500-100, 100-33, and the top 32. The reason for this is to separate the top of the killers from the bottom. A top 32 is not the same as a killer who stays at the bottom. The system could also do better matching by selecting the best type of ranked killer, instead of grouping them together.


I completely agree. Nothing like constantly getting paired with ITA Masters. In ranked you either destroy or get destroyed. I seldom get to play with against people that are my experience level. :confused:

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Stuff like running into ITAMASTER (who is pretty damn godlike, which I will give credit to), is exactly why I’ve moved my attention playing competitively over to games like Injustice 2 and SF5. I still love KI to death tho but Ranked is really s*itty.

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I think this is a problem of population distribution. If you think of player skill as a bell curve, then it’s obvious that there should be lots of medium skill players and very few high level players. This is undoubtedly true, but the match frequencies are heavily skewed by the fact that the really good players put a lot of hours into the game. So the frequency of getting someone above a certain skill level is disproportionately high.

What this means is that there will always be a “dead zone” for intermediate skilled players. They are relatively low in number as the bell curve starts to tail out, but also they don’t put in the kind of hours that the really skilled players do. My whole fighting game career is in this space where I usually either crush people or get crushed. It doesn’t matter what game I’m playing.

In the old, 40 rank tier system with easy demotions we had this same dead zone. There was a dearth of players living in the 15-30 levels. In the new rank system, its low level Killers. But the phenomenon is no different.


I played Ranked yesterday, and 90% of the people I ran into were Bronze, Silver, and Qualifiers. Obviously I won a ton of matches, but that doesn’t matter when I get pitted against ITAMaster 3 times in a row, even after quitting KI and waiting 5 minutes, I get him again.

Me and he can’t be the only ones online.


I’ve ranted about this before. Rank in this game is extremely poor at representing the skill of a player.

You basically have top 32 star players, decent killers, mediocre killers, bad killers. That’s 4 different categories of players in the rank with only one being discernible via a visual icon. I really wish they would have put in a separate skill metric rank that used a better algorithm for determining the skill of a player. Even bonus to that would be to individualize it based on the players character being used. My killer fulgore is on a much higher level than my shin hisako (a character I’ve never played).

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lol lol bro please :relaxed: respect yourself bae, I played you alots on rank and you are a good jumpdira, so I think the problem is not to itamaster411 bro , the problem is the characters you are using against

  1. thunder
  2. the world best thunder player.

try another character against him, it should work .:ok_hand:

I agree, but don’t forget that playing against the best would put you in another level with the time. I like so much to play against him, even when I played only sadira. you learn alots against him.


I DID use another character… Hisako… :stuck_out_tongue: The results were the same.

OUPS lol loooooolll bro :rofl: when I was playin sadira I used to switch on freesako against thunder, but they have the priority over the command grab SMH :rage:!!
En using hisako against itamaster would be a psychologic fight since he know exactly what to do against hisako" because of Tdb lechanoir hisako. lol lol
You should try glacius against him, he don’t like glacius, especialy since the last thunder nerfs. :ok_hand:

Good to know that people have the same problem I described. Like some of you already said, there are Killers in ranked with too many different skill levels, which is why I think demotion matches should be a thing, but I can also see what SonicDolphin meant regarding adding more tiers to make up for the varying skill levels.

Not to seem like I’m picking a fight, but what is it that you think is going on? The ranked algorithm is programmed to match you repeatedly with the same person on purpose?

I’m afraid I just find it far more likely that the two of you are both on at the same time and the quality of connection between you and the fact that you are both Killer rank makes it meet logical search criteria - criteria that we wouldn’t want to change. You said yourself that you mostly fought silver gold and qualifier level players. Don’t you think the ranking system should be preferentially matching you with Killers?

So yeah, I would look at this anecdotal data and conclude that the ranked pairings are working as intended and that the problem is there are no other available Killers for you to match up with when you get ITAMaster three times in a row.


Played ranked for the first time in at least a year last night. A few things I noticed:

-After qualifiying and moving up to silver, I was matched almost entirely with Killer ranked people. A few golds and a few silvers here and there, but mostly killers. Is this normal?

-Lots of laggy matches. I’d say out of the twenty or so matches I played, there was a little bit or a near unbearable amount of lag in about 15 of them. Twice, the opponent quit because the lag was so bad that the game basically stopped. I would’ve quit but I didn’t want to take the loss. :wink:

-I’m terrible at playing people online, but that’s obviously user error lol.

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Yes. The ranked thing is normal. I can usually qualify into gold. From that point it is non stop killers. When you rank to gold, you will see that it actually gets worse.


Wow. That sounds… Fun. :neutral_face:

Of course, part of me welcomes the challenge and I honestly don’t mind learning from my mistakes, plus I think I did give a few of the players a run for their money and maybe even beat one of them, but yeah. Overall, it wasn’t an overly enjoyable experience.

I don’t know, maybe there just aren’t enough players in ranked at a given time? But it’d kinda be nice if you only fought people that were on your level or one level above. It also seems like there should be more tiers, but maybe that’s just me.

Either way, I wasn’t playing particularly well, but that’s on me. The lag on the other hand… Yikes.

This is basically the source of any and all matchmaking complaints around ranked. It all comes down to who is playing. The sad truth is that at any given time hardcore players (Killer) are more likely to be in while more casual (bronze, silver) players don’t spend nearly as much time playing.

Everyone complains that they are matched up with Killers but I’m not sure people would rather wait five minutes to find a silver player and then get matched up with the same person over and over.