Ranked system in hindsight

so yea super late on this one …
but after a fairly long hiatus i played ranked games again which i mostly do rather than casual games
when i play ranked the general hope is the system puts me against opponents that are a propper/suitable challange but also beatable … now what i last experienced was a whopping 50 games lose streak … yea no fun at all …
i was placed gold and often find myself somewhere at bottom or lowmid goldrange with the occasional lowrank player been thrown at me just to be torn to pieces which again ain´t challenging and fun for me nor for the other player being at the recieving end …
so one particular thing that bothered me, low player count for the system to pick or not, is how you are rather stuck in a tier (bronze, silver, gold, killer) and get either thrown into the sharkpit against high gold players or killers … and i got thrown against killers repeatedly, not able to get even half a lifebar out of them … against some gold players i may get a bar down but still see myself losing most of the time because i simply lack the neccesary skills to progress further (and i´m a bit old now as well as simply a more casual player than a FGveteran)
now yes you can go and requalify for ranked again but imho that should not be neccesary … instead i would argue that the ranked system as it was before season 2 (?) may have been actualy better because while yes you may fall from a tier say gold to silver or killer to gold the system would put you against more suitable players, no?..
like what does it help me being in a higher tier being thrown against players i simply cannot beat because of my limited ability to play the game instead of a system were i think you could build yourself gradualy and more dynamicaly up or place yourself at the level suited for your playabilities …
not every player has to have the goal of getting to the top tiers and leagues … and just wanting to merely see yourself at higher tier when you in reality are not suited for it imho is rather harmful …
also as i sidenote this game similar to how injustice 2 does it should have multiple matches for all ranks imo so not BO3 just for gold and killer but for silver bronze and quilified aswell … lets be honest you just don´t get to adapt against your opponent in just one match …

what you guys think? …

There is nothing wrong with the system…you are just not ready for Ranked. THe skill level is to high. You need to go to Exhibiton, shadows or lobby.

how am i not ready for ranked, when the system rates me between high silver and low gold level?
it is not my goal to become high gold or killer …

The qualifying system put you in silver or gold based off your score in those 10 matches. You could have gotten lucky and faced 6-7 really easy quilifying matches and placed to high. If you are loosing 50 in a row in silver or gold agsint lower tiers than gold…then you are not ready for the skill level on and competition level of ranked.
Im not trying to be mean, IM trying to help you. Your best bet is to go and play Exhibition and use the search filter by removing the higher tiers. I would “re-quilify” and stay as a “Qualifier”. Then in exhibition you can remove killer, gold and silver from your search results. Just play agaisnt bronze and qualifiers for a while and work your way up to silver, gold , then killer opponenets.

Also try useing the shadow lab and fight agsint shadows.

All of this can help you build confidence and skill by winning at least half your matches. But if you continue to loose 50 in a row adn then come here and blame the games system…well, you are destined for failure and eventually quiting the game. And we dont want you to quit…we want you to play more and come here when you need help. But blaming the game isnt going to get you much help around here…trust me.
Also try the Good Games thread and ask for sets against others willing to help you improve.

Good luck!

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" If you are loosing 50 in a row in silver or gold against lower tiers than gold"

i was low/est gold losing against high gold and killers the system put me repeatedly against and not low gold or high silver that i consider more around my level … and this is what i consider a significant flaw of the system … so rather i am not ready for high gold tier and above … and i am ok with that

i am not particularly aiming to get good to compete at higher ranks …
what i am looking for is having the system put me against players around my level so …
the problem for me is not lack of confidence or skill, it´s lack of fun when the game puts me against unbeatable players clearly higher ranked than me over and over …
shadowlab to me simply is not compelling i tried it a couple of times but it just doesn´t feel satisfying to play
exibition i often feel people play different then they would in ranked, like less serious … so that´s why i rather just play ranked …

“You could have gotten lucky and faced 6-7 really easy quilifying matches and placed to high”

no the system put me against at least two killers and two gold players with the rest being bronze and low silver so only 4 were easy for me … i ended up fighting against a high silver to get into silvertier but lost and went through the bronzetier …

THen just play exhibition and remove killer and gold tiers. Its that easy! If you dont like how ranked is set up then use exhibition. Its the same thing but you can choose your tiers.
To have the most control over the search filter I recommned requalifying and staying at “qualifier” tier so you can remove the other 3 tiers as you choose.
Once you “get gud” you can return to ranked and kick everyones assss…but for now you neeed to start slow and work your way up to those higher gold tier oppenents that are giving you trouble.

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Like @FallofSeraphs76 said play exhibition. The only reason you should be playing ranked is if you’re striving to be the best or being the best you can be regardless of what rank you or your opponent are. Exhibition is really to play for fun/ training with others in a less competitive way.


Hi there, @MRTBSC! :sunglasses: Welcome to the forums!

Ranked Mode is a blood soaked arena where aliens, dinosaurs, vampires, and all kinds of other freaks and weirdos mercilessly fight their hardest for those all-important rank points to climb that ladder. You will have no friends in ranked, nor will you make any… YOU ARE DOOMED!!! :skull:

I’m kidding about the last part, but it’s true that ranked can be pretty intimidating at times! There is no better advice that I can give you than finding a friend who you genuinely enjoy playing with who is on your level, and play a crap-ton. Play your sparring partner until you reflexively know to do X when they do Y, and when the sparks fly, you’re having a blast, and matches are won when you’re both in the flashing DANGER zone, thank your pal for the fun play session, and walk back into Ranked with your head held high- You’ll likely have built up an impressive new skill set by playing someone around your level, and if your pal plays a fighter who is wildly different from your favorite, that’s even better! You both will learn some invaluable new tactics that will surely translate to the fresh and unyielding faces you’ll meet in Ranked.

I’ve got an amazing pal who I’ve played with since Season 1, and we both honed our respective Sabrewulf & Glacius, Riptor & Kan-Ra, etc. as the seasons progressed, and we were ■■■■ better players for it! Find someone awesome, not just as a player, but as a person, and laugh, play, have fun, learn, and grow. Leave ranked in the dust for now, turn on your mic, retreat to exhibition, and find your new best friend. :wolf::purple_heart::alien:

Fight on,


Nevermind ranked, most of the matches won’t be fun at all. Maybe 2 out of 10 would be fun.
Sometimes it feels like playing Gears of Wars with the other team just camping around a power weapon the whole time.

And about skill level, nothing to be really impressed about (some players just do stuff, they don’t play the other player). You also need a good ammount of match up knowledge. You get this by labbing against the tactics you lost or by running exhibitions vs players with x character.
And still you will notice not everybody plays the character the same way. One Aganos can zone you and other will be over you all the time. One Jago will pressure you to death and the other will jump back in a loop to suddenly throw a random wind kick, one Wulf will stay close to you pushing buttons and other will just run into low/overhead mixups, etc.
Of course there are players that will just outplay you,which is normal.

The ranked system is what it is. There’s nothing you can do about it now. Maybe in a future KI (lets hope!) there will be more tiers or a different way to match people. Or maybe it’s not putting you with someone your level because there might not be enough players in that tier. And we could also add that it’s true that the level can be above average (at least most have good execution enough to capitalize in mistakes and kill you).