Ranked points always RESET upon game exit. (PC)

I have been playing KI on the PC. I get about 800 points in bronze tier and then exit the game (exit through the menu and not by shutting the task down)

When I start the game up 30 min later… everything I earned is back to a base 300 score in ranked.

I have not seen many address this particular issue but rather only address the overall reset for everyone. Anyone experience this?

Having the same issue. Can we get some official word on this?

Not many people seem to respond to this type of problem. I just want to be able to make it out of qualifiers ;_;

The fix for this is re-enabling one of Win10’s shady maybe-spyware functions, it’s something under Run --> services.msc but I can’t remember what exactly, I seem to recall it not being one of the processes with “XBox” in the name, against all logic.

It would be really helpful if someone wrote exact service that need to be enabled, to allow M$ spying as little as possible :confused:

Found it in this thread. It’s “Connected User Experience and Telemetry,” set to automatic, reboot. Doesn’t seem to work for everyone (if it doesn’t work, maybe check the other nonsense like Toredo and Windows Firewall?) but it worked for me, so fingers crossed.

Is there a way to acquire this service when I had it deleted through powershell? Or do I need to reinstall windows?

Enabling the connected user experience and telemetry never worked for me so I’m still trying to find a means to get this to work.

So now that i actually starting playing ranked matches i just reached to silver ranks, played 1 match as silver then exited the game.

Now when i restart the game im back to qualifer?!? Ive noticed my achievements arent saving either…

To all of the people that this is affecting, let’s try to see if there’s anything in common with us.

Let’s start off with OS. I’m using Win 10 insider build 14316.

Same Win 10 insider build 14316 telemetry auto

Same issue. I’ve disabled all stuff that affects my privacy, if this is the price of it, well, I won’t play ranked then.

Sorry for the delay and thank you all for contributing.

Ok here is what I have found out and confirmed. I’m not sure what methods you all have gone through to block the anti-spying on Windows 10 but what I do know is that blocking any Telemetry services will cause your ranked points to reset.

I have used Anti-Beacon to block the Telemetry Hosts, Services and Group Policy. As soon as I manually unblocked those in the program, I logged into Killer Instinct and it was popping up achievements left and right and held the one test fight I did. Keep in mind that everything else is still blocked on win 10.

Suggestion? If you DO use Anti-Beacon, you can temp unblock during your session and block again should the spying worry you. Pretty easy few clicks to achieve this.

I would assume (theory at this point) that blocking the Telemetry Hosts alone just outright stops communication with whatever Xbox needs because… well the IP’s are cannot be accessed. I’ll do more testing to see if just unblocking the hosts will work or if you need all three Hosts, Services and Group Policies to make this work. (which I would assume all 3 would be needed. but you never know… its windows.)

I hope this helps. Please let me know if any of you have success. :slight_smile: