Ranked Match Question

If I am in the silver ladder why am I being matched up with killers and masters so often. It’s like I will always get bodied by them. Doesn’t seem really fair. I have managed to beat a few of them but very rarely will I manage to beat one. So am I being matched up with them because there aren’t many people in my ladder playing or is it just how it is?

There just aren’t enough players under gold tier. If it didn’t match you against golds and killers you’d be waiting forever for matches.

Figured well looks like I won’t be hitting gold any time soon lol

Just persevere, I was put into the Silver bracket after my qualifiers, climb up to Gold was easy at the time, but now from Gold to Killer looks near impossible for me, always getting matched up with Killers with the occasional Gold or Qualifier. Still playing, still hoping for a few good runs that will get me promoted. Point being, don’t give up, get better and learn as much as you can from the way the Killers play.

I will I’m trying getting kinda bored playing the same character messing around with a few others now just to see who else I enjoy to play

yea, I’ve been trying to get the Win 20 Ranked Matches achievement for all characters along with climbing the tiers. Its a good way to figure out all the characters and find one most suited for you, but it can lead to some horrible strings of losses.

Right now playing jago having a blast since he’s like my main in USFIV Akuma

Just keep practicing. IG/MS will be releasing KI for PC with crossplay support at the beginning of next year at which point there will be an influx of lower ranked players to be matched up against.

For what it’s worth there are a fair amount of Killer ranked players who are not very good, they were just fortunate to rank up when the casual playerbase was much more active. The killer rank doesn’t mean a whole lot in KI.

Yeah its just I always see that and think I’m about to get bodied and then most of the time I do get bodied seems like I only beat killers when I’m lucky to get a bad one

Right the thing is there are not a lot of casual players playing right now. The game is 2 years old there isn’t a whole lot of marketing going on trying to draw fresh blood into the game so what you have are the more hardcore fans who have been playing a while and are much more experienced than you. Current marketing seems to be a bit more focused on maintaining the current playerbase giving out free stuff on fridays, supporting online and offline tournaments and interviews with pro players. That will change when the PC release drops I think you’ll see KI get some advertisement focus on the xbox store page and various other outlets.

You might also consider playing shadow mode against others shadows. It’s somewhat like playing against humans. At the very least it doesn’t feel like you’re getting countered because the CPU is reading your inputs.

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Yeah, sometimes you will get lucky and beat somebody good too (don’t sell yourself short!). So, you never know. This is a problem for all fighting games to one degree or another - it can be really tough to break in and learn the game. But you may want to try exhibition matches too. It may be easier to find someone of a similar skill level and have a good time. One of the best things that can happen is you get matched with someone better than you who uses an alt character - its like fighting them on a bit of a handicap. It is a good way to learn about the game and keep improving.

This has been a bit of a hot topic lately, but my hope is that S3 and the PC release will provide a strong influx of new players that will provide a more balanced bell curve of competition - especially for guys who are just starting out. Keep in mind that core game released almost two years ago and S2 wrapped up around April/May. So the people who are still around and playing are mostly dedicated players.

Yeah I don’t really care for the shadow mode seems fun and all and its definitely something I haven’t seen in a fighting game before. Since I gotta fight killers I guess it’ll make me better lately I have been getting pretty good matches against them, so good it gets down to us both being weak and dropping one combo could be the end of you it’s so much fun

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