Ranked leagues time of day

Does anybody have any idea about when the most variety of skill levels are active on ranked? I mostly have late night / early morning available to play but I’ve noticed in the wee hours is a pretty high ratio of straight assassins online. I think last night I had something like a 17 match losing streak before I I had to put the controller down or throw it :rofl:

If you’re reading this mrwlder350 my Kim ALMOST had you! I was this close. :pinching_hand:🥲

Daytime seems more balanced. But once you make it to gold tier you will be fighting super killers all the time, so might as well get used to it :joy:

I think ur Maya had made me throw my controller once or twice.

Sorry about that :angel:

Maya has great reach and hits very hard and fast. Blocking the cartwheel and countering goes a long way to getting the best of her.

lol? I’ve been fighting nothing but killers since my first qualifying match

During the day there are many lower ranked players

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during the day where?

East coast Canada.

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I swear it’s true.

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