Ranked Leagues broken for the whole month again?

Know it’s only the 2nd day of the month, but is the rankings going to be broken again for the whole month?

Know sometimes these things happen in computers, being out of everybody’s hands (server guys at MS? IG’s hands? etc.), but just looking for a heads up.

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Forgive me - but what is “broken”? Want to know so I can pass it along.

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I heard about it this in another thread. Can’t confirm myself.

I’m assuming it’s where the Top 32 Leaderboards don’t appear at all. So you are unable to see your current rank in the month.

I am not home, so I can’t confirm today to make sure it’s still a problem, but when I checked yesterday, it did not show up for me.

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A lot of what @TheNinjaOstrich is saying.

Its very similar to how the ranked leaderboards were glitching in January. Individual player’s rank will not load at the ranked leagues main menu, nor in the current month leaderboards. Points still function like normal though.

I had a different issue. I played some Ranked in the last few days of the month, then when I came back the next day my Killer record was 0-0. I played some more matches that next day, but they apparently disappeared again, because when the new month started, I was placed back in Gold rank.

Now I have to crush the spirits of many poor Gold players just get to back where I was.

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Just FYI - we are looking in to this and hope to have a fix soon™.


yes, no rank # showing up as the people above pointed out.

last time this happened was when a bunch of people got Pro Stars at the end of the month.

Thanks for looking into it.

Problem fixed (THANKS, IG!!!), this is a double thread now … feel free to close either thread or merge

I’m curious if this is a feature or a bug. I requalified and went through bronze, and I get paired against a 2 star killer and a 9 star killer back to back. Seriously? In what universe would little bronze me stand any kind of chance?

It’s probably because of the size of the player base at the time you were playing. The game would rather find you an opponent outside of your normal skill level than have you wait an excessively long time.

I already wait an excessively long time to play a shadow Lords multiplayer. Honestly I wouldn’t mind the wait, if it would save me from the utterly embarrassing defeat at the hands of a 9 star killer teir. At that level, the only thing I can do is hold up the Willey coyote sign as I get curb stomped.

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