Ranked DC Glitch

This has happened twice today. I’m playing ranked. Win. Then the other person DC’s and then it says I lost connection and it gives ME the loss. Anyone experience this? It’s pissing me off quite a bit and seems like an exploit.

I experienced something similar. I was fighting a guy, guy RQs and no EXP was given (a normal occurrence when you fight a ragequitter, if i’m not mistaken). You don’t think the SFV ragequit strat is showing up, do ya?? :fearful: I honestly forget my points in Killer before the match, so I don’t know if I dropped or raised at all, so sorry. Just trying to contribute in any way I can

Mine definitely dropped. I logged out and back in to see what happened and it said that since I myself DC’ed that I lost the points. Somehow it thought I was the one who DC’ed not my opponent. Bizarre.

It happens on occasion. I haven’t seen it be especially prevalent in recent days or anything though.

Hasn’t happened to me but if this become a thing, it would ruin ranked for many people.

I guess some people just can’t win on skill alone huh?

Had been happening to me pretty frequently a few weeks ago but not since. But I do feel ur pain