Ranked Crossplay is Needed ASAP!

Hello, Devs / Community Managers of Killer Instinct.

I would like to let you know that the ranked crossplay is needed for the steam version.
The ranked mode is completely empty on steam. There is absolutely no one to play ranked with/against.

I hope you reconsider the decision and enable this feature soon.


Cant trust the cheaters man… Im sure they discussed this for months and made the decision accordingly.

Pretty sure there’s architectural issues involved in keeping them separated. It was heavily requested even before launch and if they haven’t done it, I’m gonna say its because they can’t.

I could have seen them doing it so that ranked xbox players couldn’t pub stomp the new steam ones…

Though I feel like that plan backfired since people refuse to buy or even refund because ranked is dead… which I don’t get exhibition is pretty dope and most xbots skip rank too

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s empty, but it does have significantly less players. Still, I rarely have played against the same player twice in a row.

I have played the same player multiple times and the player is a higher rank than I am which is odd.

How can you cheat on Killer Instinct? I have never come across anyone cheating on PC.

i HAVE NO IDEA… but from what Ive read, the worries are people hacking the leader boards or hacking other portions of the game that gives them an advantage over console players. how they do it i have no idea. But its out there and it happens daily on a plethora of PC games.