Ranked cheats?

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I noticed that for a few months some random people seem to appear out of nowhere at the top of the ranked leaderboard, with no games played, no wins or losses (or very few) and a gazillion points. What’s the deal with that? Here’s a screenshot.

Sure looks like cheating to me :(.

It’s not my situation, but it must be so frustrating to get to those top positions and get scooped by undeserving lesbian shaolins and bossy (and possibly illiterate) showlins.

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It sure does look like Shaolin is cheating. :frowning: He’s a very good player too. All those Shaolin tags are his. I do know for a fact that he uses a ton of programs that allow him to manipulate who he plays in Ranked. He literally watches all the streams, so he knows when Bass is playing and can queue himself when he knows a top player isn’t available.

I know this because he helped me get my first star. We talked through XBox Live and he would tell me when do go into Ranked and when not too.

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It’s spreading like an epidemic!

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Yeah Shaolin reached out to after I posted here. It’s a troll posing as him. He beat the guy on a stream and now the player become obsessed with him. It’s really scary. Lots of wonky messages and stuff. Shaolin has already reported him.


That’s pretty nuts.

Wait, I’m confused. Is the real Shaolin (and I’m pretty sure I know which one is real so no need for specifics) able to manipulate the leaderboards, or is it the troll who’s doing the ranked manipulation? I’ve actually played one of them, but he quit halfway into the match.

It’s the troll, his nemesis, who has multiple accounts somehow.

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Appreciate the clarification. I didn’t think the real deal was a cheater.

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Maybe it’s a bitterly vindictive ex-lover! :scream:

That would be funny, but it isn’t. The individual in question is a known toxic player. During one of Flash’s streams Shaolin beat him. He got so angry he started harassing Shaolin (he’s a good friend of mine). The messages he received were borderline creepy. This player then started to troll Shaolin.

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I’m surprised he has not been removed before now. I’ve had crazy people write me stuff and I report them. I don’t know what happens with them though after that.