Ranked Bot?

TrymyAI, anyone played against this person?

I remember running across him/her/it once before in ranked and got molly-whopped. No big deal. But just for giggles i was looking at the ranked leader boards and that tag is third with over 24k wins (wrathglacius and itamaster being 1st and 2nd respectively). Just from the name, i got visions of the toolassisted and RZR | infiltration accounts on SFV. And i kinda remember getting bodied. So i wondered if KI has it’s own version out there somewheres.

I have. I don’t think he’s a bot. I’ve played against him a couple of times… He plays Hisako right?

he is not a bot I’m pretty sure. I’ve met him in ranked a few times even in season 2

It was SO long ago that i played that tag that i can’t remember.

It’d be hilarious if it were true.

Just for more giggles, i looked up the Hisako leader boards and lo and behold, trymyAI is number one with 22,222 wins. The next one down is at around 7k.

he’s on my friends list. lol. and he will wreck you at a moments notice. not only is he on my friends lists, but my revenge list as well. :blush: