Rank is mess up

Im in gold now I was a killer before the update but anyways im in gold and I keep getting matches against people that got 12 stars or just higher then 5 I just had a match against someone with 12 stars then after that someone with 8 stars is there no one in gold lol

im bronze and the game send me killers and golds in ranked, i think im gonna be stuck in bronze forever

I don’t mind fighting killers but damn I had like 4 fights back to back with people that was top 32 for more then 7 months

I’m in the lower level of Gold right now. What time to you normally play? The time of day probably brings out the killers.

If im not working then like 10am if I do work around 8pm

Killers come out mostly at night, mostly. http://49.media.tumblr.com/91988a39c4a96fba959b3eda2291d3c7/tumblr_n5tityPuBd1s2wio8o1_500.gif

And, mornings but that would have killed the joke. :slight_smile: You’re playing at prime times for Killers. lol I’ve noticed that myself. Really mornings more so than nights because more people in general or on at night than the morning.

Was Killer before S3. Now I’m in lower gold and realize how horrible I am at this game. Lol