Rank goes to Qualifier if join a invite/lobby

This is a small, what I consider a bug as I have talked to a few people know that have experieneced it. I play ranked at least 5 days a week, I have Killer rank and still do when I play ranked. However I was playing one day, and after a match, a friend invited me to play. After accepting, it showed up as me being a qualifier. Again no big deal as when I do play ranked it does show I am still Killer rank. I have talked to 3+ people that have experienced this. Just wanted to let you guys know.

Can’t wait for gargos!!!

That’s only if you try to join when you don’t have the game booted up yet. And like you said, it’ll say you’re a Killer again after you go back to Ranked.

Had this bug a couple of times. But going ranked again fixes the problem.

Its weird for me, ya when I play ranked it says killer, but when I play an invite/lobby, regardless it always goes back to qualifier…again it doesn’t bother me, but I notice it.