"Randomly" Punishing Omen's fireballs

After losing a set to Rico, I watched the replays and figured out how to “Randomly” punish Omen’s fireballs.
Since Omen’s fireballs are all random, you can buffer your shadow move during block stun from his fireballs ( heavy preferred) and depending on the fireballs, you stay in hitstun or get a punish.
Dps will trade though.


Wow! This is great dude! Totally incorporating this into my Omen MU Knowledge. Thanks!

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No problem. This is a really good way to deal with Omen players who keep you frame trapped with fireballs everywhere on the screen. I plan on using it too in my rematch with Rico later this week .

It’s funny to think about for 2 reasons:

  1. The move is just slow enough that it makes sense that the shadow counter would work.
  2. You found a perfect solution for something that is, of all things, completely random.

It’s funny, because I frame trap with Omen Fireballs. Now that I know people can do this, I’ll need to be wary of my Opponent’s Meter as well. And this works for the entire cast against Omen?

I wouldn’t think so, but I was going to test it with Aganos, for sure… :stuck_out_tongue:

But what about when Omen is in Instinct?

When Omen pops instinct, he throws out 4 fireballs and if it hits you, it locks out your meter.

Good tip though!

This has definitely changed now with the better normals and new rashakuken properties. also if omen notices you punishing the fireball pressure and he has shadow he can simply teleport and punish your wiff attack.

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One of the most powerful tools in my Omen tool belt, and someone finally found a way to beat it. Well played sir, well played…

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