Random XBL players requesting to chat

I’ve had an odd occurrence the last couple of months, where before as I was playing online & such if I have been typically been left alone, unless of course I actually wanted to interact with others, now I’m being contacted a few times a week with a chat request…never with someone on my friends list, it’s always some random person. I’m starting to wonder…am I getting somewhat popular online now and I’m just not aware of it? I mean I could kinda see it being pretty high up on the SL leaderboard (normal), not to mention running the WTF forum and being a regular around here, but still. Does anyone else have this issue? It’s just weird, going from relative privacy to odd random requests just out of nowhere.

You are Ultra-combo’s Justin Bieber, the girls are going wild when you get online :wink:


I get this kind of thing all of the time (usually a few times a week). It’s usually best to ere on the side of caution or tread lightly in my experience.