Random stage music in SP versus not work?

I mean, when i play versus SP and put the stage music random, if i finish a match and select rematch the same stage music play every time. Is there an option that when you play versus and select rematch that it auto select the random music without having to go to character select every time?

Yeah that’s how it is unfortunately. I was so looking forward to the random theme option but it’s pointless as it doesn’t change for rematches. Hope this gets addressed.

and i hope there will be an option to have a RANDOM STAGE and RANDOM MUSIC every time you select a rematch.

Because when you picked Random the first time, the stage and theme that was chosen was what you were given. You didn’t pick the Random option, rather, you picked an option randomly. Same thing applies to Character selection as well. If it were Random every time, it would have to load over and over again EVERY TIME per rematch.

Dead or Alive does what you’re talking about, but this is KI and not Dead or Alive.

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I don’t talk about dead or alive.
I don’t care if it had to load over and over again EVERY TIME per rematch! I talk about SP against the AI. I am not rushed, i have time. I just want to play against the AI on the diff i want and when i select random music, i would like to have the music change every match. even when i select a rematch. I am just a casual player who wants to have fun.
BTW, if i want another theme every match and (like now) if i have to go back to the selection screen EVERY TIME, i think it takes even longer to load in a new match than when it just would load another theme.