Random select ideas

My friends and I generally use every character in the game. As such, we always pick a random character, random level. It’s all fine and good the way it is now, but there are some things that I think could be implemented to enhance the option quite a bit for players like me.

  1. Instead of always selecting the default accessories for every character, why not randomly pick one of the six accessory slots for that character instead? That way, if someone doesn’t fill the six slots with customizations, you still end up with the default anyway. As it stands, I never see the custom accessories since I always do random. I don’t really understand why a random-select player would have to pick a character specifically to see the custom load outs.

  2. After randomly selecting an accessory slot, randomly select a color! This one might be easier than the accessories since accessories can vary by slot (so it would be player-dependent), but everyone has the same colors in the same order. Like the accessories, this always ends up with the default colors for both players. If both people end up with classic Glacius for example? You will always be blue, they will be yellow. They, however, will see you as yellow while they are blue. It always displays you as the default, even in a mirror match.

  3. Do the same with retros :smile:

So how does it break down? Randomizer picks the following order:

Character -> Retro or Default -> Accessory slot (1-6) -> Color (1-2/1-6/1-9)

The current randomizer stops at step 2. The colors, ideally, would have everyone with 9, but Omen only has 6 and Shadow Jago currently only has 2.

One last idea for Random players…

After the fight, if you picked random and want to rematch, it would be nice if you had the option as either rematch as the current character OR random again without hitting the select screen. That would really streamline the way my friends and I prefer to play.

Not sure how “in the minority” I am, but figured I’d throw it out there!

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This idea looks good, but it’s impractical. If you change your character, the game must take a loading screen, so you will take a loading screen any way. Maybe shorter because you don’t make the transition to select character-scenario, but a loading screen it’s mandatory in any case.

I’m also a fan of the random option :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, I’m absolutely expecting a loading screen. But I think it would still be significantly faster than having to load the select screen, wait to re-select your options (3 layers deep if not-random), then load the match. I’d prefer to just go straight to loading the match!

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Doesn’t the randomiser picks from amongst our pre-made wardrobes?

I have wanted this for a while. I think if I remember correctly season one did this where when you selected random it was also random colors and accessories.

TGZ Boss Wulf

@thyReaperMC no it currently selects default skin and color one.

TGZ Boss Wulf

Also, regarding random select, could maybe an icon be displayed or some sound play when you select random for online fights?. Back in arcades, it was a way to intimidate your opponent. Of course, you had to back it up, cause if you get beaten, you looked like a dumb@$$.

I have been gone for a while, I wonder if anybody said anything about this, I still think some sort of random select notification (sound, visual queue or both) so the opponent know you selected randomly would be nice.