Random Marketing Idea: Halloween Seasonal Sale/Double XP weekend/Accessories

So guys, I had an excellent idea. Not sure if this is in the right place, so mods, feel free to move it.
As many of you all know, Halloween (best holiday) will soon be upon us. While many have been clamoring for more accessories (including me, more on that later) to fit this spooky season, I think there’s even more opportunity to be had to get new people involved in the game, and get people who need to complete stuff closer to victory:
A Halloween themed sale/double XP weekend!
What if, for the last few weeks of October and maybe the first of November, we had a spooky Monster Mash pack for sale? This pack would include Sabrewulf, Hisako, Spinal, Kan-Ra, Omen, and Riptor all in one big discount pack. In addition, they could be available for individual sale half off, with discount accessory packs.

To give people who’ve already been playing the game something new, we could provide a s.exy double XP bonus for those characters throughout that time frame. It lets players who’re new get cool stuff quicker, and people who are already working on these fighters an extra boost towards 50.

As a final, universal bonus, anybody who owns these characters could get Halloween themed colors and accessories for them!
I’ve a few ideas.
-Wolf colored Sabrewulf (greys and whites) with orange/green glowing eyes
-Dia de Los Spinal
-Kan-Ra with candy stuck in his bandages, or a skin that replaces his sand with candy
-Dragon Riptor
-2 for Omen: Orange color and Pumpkin accessories
-Bed sheet Hisako


I think that would be an absolutely hilarious accessory. :stuck_out_tongue:


If we get Bed Sheet Hisako, I’m dropping my Pocket TJ Combo and dedicating all my time for Hisako. XD


This is the best accessory idea i’ve ever heard :laughing: I want it!


Hisako main reporting… yes please

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Bed Sheet Hisako, FTW!!!