Random FPS drop on Steam

So I recently bought this game on PC, almost as soon as it came out on steam.

First, here are my specs:
CPU: i7-7700k 4.2GHz
RAM: 16gb DDR4 3200MHz
GPU: Gigabyte Aorus 1080ti Xtreme Edition
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bits
Monitor: AOC G-sync 144Hz LED

I have tried lowering everything to minimum, with borderless and fullscreen, run as administrator, run in Windows 7 compatibility mode, g-sync off, 60Hz, nothing seems to work.

It’s a real shame because I love the game, it’s not a deal breaker but its definitely annoying.

Bump anyone have that issue or something similar?

I have weak computer, (altough passes benchmark), and experience framerate drops as well.

Mostly when there is a lot of special effects at once. And on Tusk stage. I don’t know what is so demanding about that damn burning boat but it drops to 30 fps there.

I don’t have such problems on Win10 version, which is surprising.

Hmm what’s weird is that it seems like it happens randomly, though I was doing some dojo for a while the other day and not a single fps drop.

Nice PC! Have you updated your graphics drivers to the latest version?

What resolution are you running the game at? You might try dropping to 1080p as tragic as that sounds. I know that Xbox1X people have reported frame drops when running at higher resolutions thant 1080p. It’s certainly an optimization issue, your rig should be able to run the game flawlessly based on your hardware.

I run the game without issue on a high end ASUS gaming laptop from a couple years ago which uses a 980M GPU.

Also what type of media is the game installed on? SSD?

I tried both 4K and 1080p with maxed or minimum settings. The nvidia drivers I am currently aren’t the latest though, they’re version 385.69.

Even on 1080p, it still does it randomly.

Also, it’s currently on SSD now, though I had it previously on HDD.

GODDAMIT I was passing benchmark on Steam for the last few weeks. Just now, I do benchmark and get 850 points. I mean what the hell, why is steam version so inconsistent, there are always some trouble with it.

UPDATE: I turned Bloom option ON and I can pass benchmark once again. Steam version is a mess 0.0

Does the windows store have a reimburse option like steam does. Almost tempted to try that version instead, though I have a feeling saves dont transfer over.

Saves don’t transfer over. I can’t speak to whether or not the windows store has a refund policy though my gut tells me they do.

I think it’s worth trying for sure, be forewarned that on PC you might have to do some network configuration to properly connect to xbox live matchmaking.