Random Character Tournament Vol.1 (CONCLUDED)

To all those who do not know where the second volume thread is, it’s right here: Random Character Tournament Vol. 2 (CONCLUDED)

And here’s the podium:


Huh? I never thought Gargos with king crown… He look cool!

I lost my first game then got DQ’d, still 9th place.


Funny thing is, all three of those characters are the most-complained because of being, apparently, OP :joy:

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And that’s why they are in top 3!

No. They are good players lol.

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Nah I am just an online scrub.

You body me am the time -_-

But you one our last few matches. You beat my Hisako with your Thunder. You also beat my Arbiter with Omen.

They aren’t your mains though.

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Sorry if this is a wrongful place to post my stream in but no one is saying anything in my thread. xP

Tried out Riptor for some warm-up yesterday and man, she seems hella nooby. xD

Come inside for some fresh KI action. =)
Starting 21:10 today, so in 20 minutes.

❖ KI Revival Series pt. 13/26 - RIPTOR ❖

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This tournament is now obviously finished, there’s a second volume topic, if you’d like to watch the tournament on archive, you may watch here: www.twitch.tv/stormsasuke180

I am also uploading them to yourube.


Wow, I somehow got 13th place just by winning one match. Noice

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I’m not sure what you mean by Nooby. Riptor is pretty easy to use but also pretty tough to be really good with.

For example, how many Riptors have been in Top 8? How many of those, aren’t FiyahLiger?

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Totsonoma, or whatever the Japanese Riptor player’s name is. And there are some really great Riptor’s including people with pro stars. Top 8 isn’t the only or maybe even the best measure of a character. If it wasn’t for Sleep there never would have been a Kan Ra or an Arbiter or a Gargos in top 8…

But I’m not really trying to argue, I just didn’t know what @INDIxion meant when he said Nooby. So I offered my one sentence assessment of Riptor. Just trying to figure out if that’s what he meant or something else.

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His name is Tonosama.

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