Rainbow Six Siege

The only topic i could find on this game was several months old so i thought id make a new one.

I’ve had the game since saturday (played during the free weekend) and fell in love with it so i bought it monday.

Its an amazing game and was curious to see how many of you guys also own it?

I tried it during 2 free weekends and decided that I didn’t like it…

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Has a pretty big learning curve, eh?

Actually, I didn’t like it due to character limitations and level-size…

Just means it isn’t the game for you then.


Siege feels a lot like CS:GO when i watch it, and thats what makes it interesting. I kinda like team oriented games like this, Rocket League, XCOM, etc.

I played CS for 4 straight years once it released to retail way back in the day. I ended with CS Source and don’t like GO at all due to how it never worked on Xbox as well as the unlock system.

It’s a fun game. I play it with fellow forum member @xSkeletalx from time to time, as well as @BubbRubb4Real & @oTigerSpirit.



Yes it does. I was getting rekt for the longest time. Don’t even talk about going into ranked when u first start. I just got it in February I’m ok now but I still don’t venture into ranked :skull_and_crossbones:

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Is anyone still playing? I got back to it yesterday. I dont know if this is type of game for me to be honest.

Two days straight I was getting demolished. I tried to contribute to my team by giving info, that was most I could do since I was mostly dead. I could count my frags from these past two days on fingers of both hands, I just get massacred.

No type of game gives me trouble aside from tactical shooters.

Plz Unreal Tournament return ;____;

I’m still playing Siege pretty frequently. If you ever need a teammate and see me online don’t hesitate to ask.

I used to play with @TheNinjaOstrich and @xSkeletalx as well. Perhaps the four of us can make an arrangement to play sometime.

I friended you on XBL by the way.

I’m PC tho.

Oh I see. Well don’t mind me then. Lol

Looking Forward to Blood Orchid. I play on XBL.

If you’re interested in squadding up feel free to add me on XBL.

Ok I will

Im on Xbox One aswell, my GT is PV T1AORyanBay.
As far as Blood Orchid goes I love it, however my favourite part isn’t the operators, its all the quality of life updates that were created during Operation Health.