Rainbow color, changing skins!

i hear skins arent that popular, well i love em’ all!! having the shadow, mimic, and gold skins change colors was a great move for them! but i think the sillouette effect could be stronger, they should pull apart and pull together nonstop… even while fighting… it could create a tracer effect for them👍. and instead of only 2 sillouettes, maybe add 3 more… to intensify the tracer effect during movement… i think with the skins, the voicing should change… shadow and mimic skins should create an echo sound, every sillouette makes their own sound… for example, every sillouette that is around spinal will laugh… mere tenths of a second apart from one another… COOL HUH!! which brings me to the rainbow color changing skins… imagine every color of the rainbow on every fighter at the same time… now, keep where the colors are, in your mind… ok… now imagine those colors slowly changing from orange to blue slowly… now the purple around the leg is turning redish color… now it shifts to a yellowish blend… something like that…


how does nobody like this!!! i know there are several ideas in one post, but when i get on a role… just let me do my thing, i do my best work while rambling… but this idea could give the skins more ‘buy appeal’… like they say, ‘eye appeal, is buy appeal’. skins arent that popular?? i can help make them popular!! The rainbow skins, thats a personal idea… one i would like to see just for me… cause yeah, i play this game with offline buddies while having some of ‘doctor hoffman’s magic potion’… which is how you should REALLY experience Killer Instinct!!!

Tekken 7 had something like that it sounds cool but won’t work due to that reason.

I never played tekken 7… but, what wont work because its somewhat in tekken? the color changing skins?

Yeah pretty much

can you share a video of those skins??? id like to see how they have them changing colors… that may be of use actually!! :thinking:

For tekken 7 sure

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