Rage Quitting a Shadow Match

So, I recently grabbed KI on Steam (since the windows 10 store still needs lots of improvements). One of the first things I did was create my Sabbie shadow in the shadow lab. Nothing overly indulgent. Did my 3 evaluation matches vs the Jago AI, then the final (graduation) match where I play Jago vs my shadow (and got my butt kicked). Then just set in loose into the wild, while I play some Shadow Lords (unfortunately, no data upload to shadow in SL mode :frowning:).

Came back the next day, to find that my little boy had a win under his belt. Cool! So, I eagerly checked the replay to see how things went. Match loaded up vs a Sadira player. Young player, I could tell. Since he/she was mashing lights with combo assist on. Guess my shadow still doesn’t have enough combo breaking knowledge just yet to deal with something so easily broken, but I digress. Here’s the thing: My lil guy shredded this Sadira so bad, that they straight up rage quit right near the end of the match. WHAT!? It’s a shadow! And you picked the match, it didn’t pick you. WTF?

Don’t know if I should be upset that they RQ’d on my shadow, or laughing hysterically. I got the win, either way, but geez.

Could it have been a crash? Shadow Lab is not the most stable of modes these days. Or sometimes it shows desynched replays where one or both characters aren’t behaving exactly as the player did in the match itself/cuts off the win pose/ultra, etc. I’ve had a few weird replays like this before, but nothing that obviously screams “rage quit” so much as the mode itself looking like it’s having issues.

Meh. Could have been a desync. Virtually anything is possible.

But, when it’s a supreme victory, & the match just stops mid combo, it gets my eye brows raising a little bit. Ya know what I’m saying?