Rage Quitters ? Why?

Like the title suggests…

If you have ever rage-quit a fight, why ? Getting Bodied ? Tilting ?

Personally I refuse to quit fights, how else are you going to learn if you don’t realise what you did wrong…

It’s not so much of a rant but trying to understand people…

Thanks for your time.

Lag. That is the only reason ever. As in the one where you can’t move.

I haven’t had anyone Rage Quit on me in a long time. Had a few matches lag out, but otherwise it looks like people who’re playing ranked would rather have a chance at a comeback than a guaranteed loss from a RQ.

I’m probably not online often enough to have a real grasp at the numbers but so far it seems like people are pretty sportsmanlike.

I only posted this thread because I was playing against a Jago who was sitting back, throwing fireballs and t-bagging and taunting when he took the round, I made a comeback with my Thunder and he rage-quit as he hit the danger state

The only time I will quit a match is if the individual is specifically manipulating the match to get a win. These are the matches where it lags at specific times, such as any time you are in a combo, but miraculously resolves itself when they are winning. That is rare though. I think I’ve only had 3 matches like this and all the times I reported the player afterward.

If the match is just laggy… I’ll do my best.

I agree with Fwufikins though most of the “RQs” of late aren’t RQs at all as KI either crashed, or the match lagged out.

I personally had KI reboot on me during two matches. I get this horrid screeching sound and then the game starts over. Another example that I get is the game will minimize and reboot. Both times my character begins to lag really bad until I can’t move.

At the end of the day, if the person is that salty to give you a win, feel great about what you’ve accomplished. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had my KI make the horrible grinding screech noise when i was searching for a ranked game and got credited with a loss yesterday.
Today I had someone quit out on me in game 2 of 3 but I think that was more a result of me counter breaking them 5 times in a row :stuck_out_tongue:

The lag I am talking about is when I cannot do anything. Press a button? Nothign comes out. Not worth it IMO

All I can say is that when Rash is released I’m going to cause a lot of rage quitting with that taunt.

Why of course. Taunts for dayz

Well said, I can take loosing a fight, and if I’m not going to win, I’m going down fighting.

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The only time I ever back out of games is because of bad connections. I mean I’m going to lose by playing with someone else’s terrible connection anyways, why not just speed up the process.