Raam's theme

Best theme in the game as of right now.


Move the F*** over spinal!!! The good ole general has got you covered!

What do the rest of you peeps think about his theme?


It’s really, really good.


To sum it up. Marble’s got you covered.

Hehe - I gotta say, I was really sad to see Mick leave the project but AP+Celldweller are absolutely killing it!

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It is the best theme since Season 3 launched


Arbiters better IMO. GoWs themes are more powerful and epic and I don’t feel this one gives me that feeling.

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So far I like it. Waiting for appeal2reason version.

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It’s cool but ordering the Season 3 themes in my feelings, It goes:

  1. Arbiter
  2. Gargos
  3. Mira
  4. General RAAM
  5. Kim Wu
  6. Tusk
  7. Rash

RAAM sits in my S3 theme list at fourth place. I’ve never played GOW, but I can understand what kind of game it is and the theme producing some heavy rock really gives out the “heavy guns and gore” reference to the game which is GOW. Celldweller and Atlas Plug did the same with Arbiter by having the male opera/monk effect and rock into it because it links back to where he came from, Halo. And it happened with Rash too with all the sound effects from the original Battletoads!!

Funny how things work out, right?


RAAMs theme is extremely good, and i thought it would be one of the best in the game, AND I DONT EVEN PLAY GEARS OF WAR. But when it got to the chorus, i lost hype. Sounds bad to me.

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RAAMs theme definitely takes the cake for me! It has all of the memorable subtle tunes of Gears mixed into it well while producing a kick â– â– â–  heavy theme! Definitely tied in the one spot with Arbys theme on my favorite themes of Season 3.

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i love it! especially the hidden ki remix part

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Definitely lots of Gears of War in there.

I don’t really know Gears to appreciate the song as much but I like it. I like Arbiter’s theme more because I know Halo 3 music at best and it really kept that Halo tone which I appreciate a lot.

Of course, none of those themes are Kim Wu’s.

I’m surprised people are liking this one. I think it is hands down the worst theme in the entire game. For me, it pushes Riptor’s out of the last spot and takes it easily. I was hoping the theme would be a remix of the trainwreck song from Gears 1 OST.

I guess I can let Cell/Atlas slide because Kim Wu’s theme is to me the absolute best.

It plays to their strengths, I’ll give it that…and it sounds appropriate for what they’re representing here, but I don’t personally find it too terribly interesting…it’s not bad…but not great either.

It’s nowhere near dethroning Spinal…Spinal’s theme…hmm, where to start…classic theme, epic feel, piratey tone, tide-like sway…Norwegian choir…femur bone flute…who would have thought of that?

The problem I have with At/Dweller is everything they’re doing is kinda samey…everything is held up by synth-rock. Even Mira, who is by far the most removed, has a synth base to the song.

I’ve said this before, but it feels like they looked at what Mick did, found one element they thought was “KI” and put it in everything. It’d be like using salsa in all your food dishes…sure it goes great with tacos, but chicken alfredo?

For Raam, what they did is fine. Not amazing, but fine.

…but I will say this…they really shoved a square peg in a round hole when it came to the KI theme during the idle track. Good lord that was awful. I don’t think there are enough “things that don’t fit” descriptors in the English language to describe how badly that was shoehorned in.

General Raam’s theme sounds rather weak to me. In fact, I now find his theme to be pretty reminiscent of Riptor’s new theme back in KI Season 2. Overall I now find General Raam’s theme to be KI Season 3’s equivalent of KI Season 2’s Riptor’s theme :stuck_out_tongue: :disappointed:


RAAM’s theme is excellent. It’s just a little reminiscent of old Tool, and the low brass really evokes “lumbering crushinator.”

Tangent: I’m surprised some of the lists in this thread rank Tusk’s theme so low. To me, that is the ultimate tournament track. It has hype factor oozing out of all of its ooze parts.