RAAM tech and combo thread

Got any tips on playing with raam? Got a cool tech discovery ? Post it here! I’ll be uploading raam gameplay as soon as I get the update guys.

Ill b posting gameplay n lab guide vids late tonight stay tuned

Not sure exactly how useful these are, or how productive they might actually be in a match, but I played around with stomps and grabs a bit.

Please remember, I’m not really a “tech” guy.


I’m hitting the lab with him now, so you’re not alone, and I like discovering tech.

I will say this, when his instinct is out, good luck trying to break him, that darkness is gonna disguise his autos pretty hard.

it seems like QCB any kick causes him to have charge armor but I kant seem to follow up on his grab motion

Anyone find anything good for his kryll shield cancel? All I could find is making his stabs + on block and making him un-shadow-counter-able if you cancel the shadow version but those don’t really seem worth a bar of meter.

His command grabs are beast. The normal command grabs are 3 frame startup, and the shadow version is 2,0. They are literally the fastest grabs in the game, and quite possibly the fastest specials in the game. He is built to punish with these grabs.

recording some gameplay as we speak look for it tomorow morninig