RAAM´s Bug

Krills dont leave the screen after the end of instinct mode.
A mirror match bug?

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Keits mentioned this during Gutter’s stream noting it was a bug and would be fixed in a later patch.

i am not able to get the achievement for wining a rankend match

I think this is a bug and it’s been around for a while: when I can land an actual combo, I find that human and ai opponents alike Are able to break medium attacks with hard.

For instance, I’ll use standing H punch d, df, f W punch, medium auto double—COMBO BREAKER (H)

It keeps happening. someone on gamefaqs suggested that maybe I’m holding medium punch for too long, but I’m not…to add to thins I tried the same combo earlier, but instead of medium I used weak punch and they broke it with Hard attacks.

This is and has been beyond frustrating because Raam has a hard enough time getting combos as it is, but when he finally does and it’s Broken by the wrong buttons it’s Infuriating .

If this is a bug it needs to be looked into.

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How exactly do you know they broke with Heavy?

Anyway, if they are indeed breaking with heavy, I’d say there are 2 answers why:

  • if it’s during a linker, you probably are holding the button down and therefore getting a heavy linker (three hits) instead of the light/medium linker you wanted (one or two hits).

  • if it’s during AD’s I’d say it’s a rollback issue, where they’re breaking the previous heavy move you did, but the break is coming out late due to lag and connection delay, and you’re seeing it during the animation of your next move.

I will also say that if you’re playing shadow lords, there are guardians (I think?) that give you free breakers, regardless of the strength =P

I can confirm he is right.
My bud trains right next to me and i had him break using heavy while i was doing mediums and he broke it.
It was very rare for it to happen, but it still happened.

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It’s Not happening rare enough for my liking. This glitch makes it so only weak attacks are viable (I’m. Not sure if the glitch extends to weak)

Well, I cant weak is only viable, but it does reduce the chances of a successful combo if the opponent can hit at least 2 out of 3 of the breaker pairs to escape punishment.

I think some players know this. Played a Mira yesterday that I might have beaten if not for this.

Well, I’d love video proof of this. I still find it hard to believe, but if it is indeed so, just reproduce it and record with inputs on and post it in the bugs thread!

I think I have an example of it. I hope the dvr got it. I’ll try to post it later.

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