RAAM patch constantly resetting itself

I’ve been trying to download the RAAM patch for 4-5 days now. I do not have fast internet, so this is quite the nightmare.

I had no issues downloading and installing the game when it first launched on PC.

I had no issues with the Mira patch.

I had no issues with the Gargos patch.

The RAAM patch, however, will reset its own progress at random points while downloading. It will simply stop downloading in the windows app store randomly, and when i hit resume/start, it starts over again from 0. This has happened 3 different times now, all at different points.

What is the deal? How do I fix this?

Well the RAAM update is huge… like 26gig or something… and if you don’t have decent Internet then that could be a problem… and it does take awhile I to install. Mine took almost 2 hours is fast Internet. Maybe if you know any one with better connection to use for a few hours?

It should not do that, you can resume downloads whenever you want. I downloaded the update over 3 days, 14 hours of downloading time easy. Not to mention the games I’ve left paused for weeks and then resumed.

@Proposal018 Uninstall KI from the system completely, and try downloading it again. Also it would be best to find time to leave it to download when something else isn’t using your bandwidth. And lastly, try pausing the installation until the next time you want to start it.