RAAM: Guide to Getting Started

Hey there. I’ve been playing the everloving dickens out of RAAM since he was released a few weeks ago, and I completely love this character.

Based on my experience, I’ve put together a quick guide (6 minutes) to do two things: tell new RAAM players or non-RAAM players what RAAM is about, and offer some pointers for setting up a game plan. I hope you guys and girls find it useful. I also look forward to hearing your take on this subject.


This is very informative stuff! Keep it up! The more detailed up to date guides, the more the players both inside and outside the community can really learn what to do and what not to do. :sunglasses:

Shago Main here. Word from the grapevine says Gen. Ruumski here is a hard counter to us.


Well that was fun and entertaining to watch, but not as informative as I would’ve liked - it seemed to lack a lot of in-depth stuff that I would’ve liked to have seen, but then again, as the title implies, it’s for those who are just getting started, so I digress. With that in mind though, will there be an “advanced” video coming some time down the road?

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Thanks for the Feedback, GalacticGeek! Yes, more videos are coming. I’ll be exploring matchups and tech in two of them, for example :slight_smile:

That perspective on the Shago counter is fascinating. So far, I’ve learned that backing Shago into a corner means almost certain loss for Shago. Pinning him down so you can put him in the corner is the hard part. So, it’s the “getting him into the corner” part of the plan that’s tough. He’s so slippery.

Reading your comment gives me ideas. RAAM really seems to have the tools to thwart Shago’s game plan (emergence, d+HP, d+HK, blocking…). Shago is a man who demands quick reactions times, however.

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The thing with Shago is that his zoning doesn’t actually keep you out, it more just slows down your approach but you will eventually get in. As long as you don’t get frustrated spending the majority of the match inching your way forward it’s a pretty easy fight. I’d probably say Shago has the easiest zoning to deal with.


I havent really picked him up, but this video gives me a good impression on how to use him, especially since I’m not that well versed in the deeper stuff anyways.

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It hurts because its true. Btw his krillswarm armor doesnt just eat projectiles. It eats shagos surge rollerskates. :frowning:


99.9% sure hes throwing evil water balloons at you.

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Hey at around 4:28 you initiate a krill rush followed by what looks like a heavy punch, I cannot pull that off was that a bug or something?

Nice vid, btw.

Yeah you saw it correctly. I don’t know what RAAM’s advantage is after charge, but sHP beats most things if you’re quick with it. They can definitely block it, though. I think some can reverse it with a DP as well.