Quick Stand

Can anyone explain to all use Noobs how to EXACTLY quick stand? This is not taught anywhere in the game, dojo, Infils guide, Prima guide…no where.
Shadow lab data calls for quick stand data…and I have no idea how to make this work.

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what is the exact button command? All I have found is "hit a bunch of buttons"
Why would this be overlooked yet be an entire section in the shadow data? Seems important to me.


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In the shadow mode brain analysis/points breakdown was the first time I encountered the words quick stand, lol.


Press any button when you land (ie, when your back hits the ground after being knocked down). In other games you can tap down on the stick when you land, but in KI that doesn’t work.

You can only quick stand soft knockdowns, a “hard knockdown” is a knockdown where you aren’t allowed to quick stand.

See the knockdown section of my guide for more on what that means: http://ki.infil.net/basics3.html#knockdown


Thank you! I search for this in your guide but could not find it.

You should erase this line out when you have time

One frustrating thing worth noting; there is no on-screen “Reversal” message in Killer Instinct. You’ll never be quite sure if you executed the attack on the first possible frame or not.

The new UI fixed that

Thanks, made the fix.