Quick rise?

Is there quick stand up in KI? I usually press buttons while falling but how actually is? I remember doing in in MK Of course you can’t do it after a hard knock down, right?

I’m not new but I can’t believe how long I’ve been ignoring this (like the ammount of hits from Fulgore’s uppercat depending on the strength XD )

There is quick rise

Ok, I just found it

“Soft knockdown gives your opponent a chance to quick rise when they first hit the ground. You perform a quick rise by pressing any attack button the moment your back hits the ground. Your character will then immediately rise off the ground without having to suffer the hard knockdown delay, which will often make sure your opponent doesn’t have enough time to set up his strongest offense. If you choose not to quick rise, you will suffer the normal hard knockdown delay and then rise automatically. Most knockdowns in the game are soft knockdowns. This includes virtually all special moves that knock down (for example, Jago’s Tiger Fury uppercut), any time you are juggled in the air, and most combo enders.”

By Infil

Just as a FYI, if you’re seeing that your Shadow has 0% on its Quick Rise stat, that isn’t necessarily an indicator that you haven’t been using Quick Rise already. There’s some bug which prevents the Quick Rise from registering on Shadows for some reason.

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