Questions to KI players

Hi another topic from me. This time i have some questions to other KI players and if they can awnser

  1. Why when someone wins or after taking my first health bar they start to dance on my body is that some kind of new trend of humiliation/disrespectfulnes in KI community? (what i mean is that they start to dash back and forward on top of my character)

  2. Why is Glacuis so popular with Killer ranked players? (I’m always fighting many Killer ranked players who only use Glacius)

  3. Why did IG for season 3 empahsize much on juggle mechanics? (Was that something players wanted?)

Please write down on the comment your awnsers to these questions of mine.

For no.1 i’m not really sure people just think that they are being clever maybe? I don’t do it and don’t really know why others do.
2. I have no idea, Glacius has always been a favourite and he is probably stronger this season than he ever has been, but I don’t play him for sure so can’t really say.
3. I believe that IG have added more juggle potential in season 3 to allow for more creativity and freedom within the combo system, which I personally really like.

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Well for some characters,dashing back and forth can be a good thing. Wulf for example can keep doing so making it hard to block right away when the next round starts and so can instinct thunder.

  1. Another form of teabagging/disrespect. Simple as that.
  1. Not sure. I don’t see this all that much except from Sabrewulf, which makes sense for him specifically due to his cross-up game, Thunder while in Instinct too as @Sasuke99I stated. It could be something else though, sometimes when I take my opponent’s bar ill stay moving back and forward a little bit, not over top of their character but just stay moving, it kind of helps keep the sense of momentum going, for me anyway. Or they could just be being jerks who are trying to irritate you, idk lol

  2. He is a fan favorite, so him being popular isn’t much of a surprise.

  3. I have no idea. Like somebody else said maybe it’s just to allow for more creativity in combos and stuff.

I won’t wager a guess on 2 or 3, but as for…

  1. Personally, when I do this (it is positioning, timing, and matchup dependent) it is to affect the opponent’s expectation of my position or intent when the next round starts. Sort of an in-between-rounds shimmy, if you will. I never mean disrespect by it, but that’s just me. Though I don’t usually dash over, just sort of wobble.
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Same as ^^^ for 1.

  1. Glacius is a badass what more can I say he’s a solid character and my personal fav.

  2. Like @Rolly2891 said it adds to the combo system in which KI is all about.