Questions about the Mad Catz TE2 for XBOX ONE on PC

Hi there!

I already got 2 Mad Catz TE2 sticks for XBOX ONE and I have some questions about the future PC compatibility.
I know that they are not compatible ATM but I would like to know if there’s any clue on the release date (1 week, 1 month, 1 year…)?
This update will be available only for KI or through a Windows update to make it compatible for other games?

Thanks for your help! :wink:

I feel like I am working for cronusmax folks. But I’m genuinely just trying to help here. I have a TE2 the KI special edition for the X1. I use it on PC with a cronusmax and it works great. Something to consider if you don’t want to wait for official drivers.

Sell that crappy xbone stick, there aren’t working drivers for it on pc at the moment, you can only use 6 buttons and some rewiring and re-mapping must be done… I sold mine and the xbone on craigslist for 350$ and got one of these:

^^Thats version 2, which now includes hayabusa buttons and a PC toggle switch, whereas the older model only had a ps3/ps4 toggle switch, this one now has a pc toggle switch, which eliminates the need to put it into ps3 mode and use a 3rd party button mapper.

With this stick you can play on the platform of choice for fighters, ps3, AND on your computer. I think this stick is one of the best ones out for FG enthusiasts.

Did you know if THIS version of the stick works with KI pc?

Thanks for the advices but I don’t want a Hori stick for many reasons… I don’t like the Hayabusa stuff and input lag…
Remember that I use my sticks on XBOX ONE too, so a PS4 stick is completely useless as I have PS4 FG on PC too…

For the CronusMAX, I don’t want to use any third party adapters to add input lag…

Yes it does. in xbox360 mode via the toggle switch.

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