Questions about cross-play

Hello there i have 2 questions about the cross-play.

First question is will I know if i’m playing against someone on the pc (like a pc icon) that sf5 have?

Second question: Do i will be able to talk with the pc players with my headset while playing?

Thank you for any answer

I can answer your second question partially: I don’t know if there’s in game voice chat (most likely there will) but if there’s not you can use the xbox app and start a party an talk to your friends and what-not.

Edit: just realized you’re asking from the console point of view but it still aplies since your PC friends can talk to you withing an xbox live party

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LIVE is enabled across the game, so yes, you can talk to and hear other players just like you can on the Xbox One version.

I don’t believe we show an icon for the platform a user is on.


Ok cool! Thank for replying.

But in a future update is it possible that it can be added?

Possible, yes. Curious why you’d want that information though.

Much like Combo Assist being on/off, there’s an interesting psychology that players can fall in to when they know a bit more information about their opponents, especially if they then lose.

For example, are you more likely to accuse someone of cheating because they’re on the PC than on Xbox One?

From an “I’m just curious” angle, sure I get the desire. Just wondering if you have a reason beyond that you’d like the feature.


It would be nice to have, to know so we, as the community, can get a feeling for how much of the player base consists of one versus another. Also, I’m guessing the way a pc player would know if they are playing against someone on a lower powered system is how long the loading screen lasts. Is that last bit correct?


It would just be a nice thing to know if I’m playing with aomeone on a another platform others than my own.

And sometime yes i think that pc players are cheater (off-topic) in fps etc…

Because i’m guessing that If i don’t want to play against pc players that cheat I can just disable the matchmaking for that.

Well, one of the complaints about the Windows 10 app format is that they’re so locked down unlike standard Windows .exe. However, the accompanying benefit seems to be that it’s also resistant to hacks/cheats. So, you don’t really have much to worry about in that regard.

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SFV has a platform icon, I guess it is a way to flaunt “Oooh cross-play”. It is nice to know who is on the other side. When I watch cross-platform matches in Youtube, one the fisrt questions asked is “Are you in XBOX or PC?”