Question re: Combo Assist and Linkers

Hi all,

Quick question re: Combo Assist.

For Linkers, you would normally press Light for a light attack, Medium for a Medium attack, and hold either Light or Medium for a Heavy attack with a Linker.

With Combo Assist active, is that still the case? If you hit a Heavy Attack, it doesn’t do an Ender with Assist on, so can you do a Heavy Assisted Linker by hitting Heavy Punch or Heavy Kick?


Yeah the Heavy linkers can be done either way with Combo Assist on, holding a Light/Medium or simply pressing Heavy.

Enders can be done with Combo Assist though, holding forward with a Heavy button press of choice will get one.


Cool. I find the execution in Combos fast-paced and tricky, so I’ve left Assist on.

I do the actual motions for Openers no issue, as well as for Enders, but for Linkers, I find I can’t do them and need the Assist there.

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