Question about Tusk's Instinct (back turned) VS teleporters

Hey guys, I’m kinda new to the game, didn’t get the time to lab this yet…

In a situation like this; the Tusk player is in Instinct Mode against a char. like Mira and during neutral-footsies game inputs Shadow Skull Splitter, but the Mira player teleports behind Tusk before the move connects.

When this happens, Tusk will find himself with his back turned on the opponent, while executing the move’s animation… Thing is, can Tusk cancel Shadow Skull Splitter (to deal with the teleporter’s incoming attack) while having his back turned?? If so, I’d hope the inputs (left, right) are not reversed due to Tusk having his back turned on the enemy… I’d also hope that, the move Shadow Skull Splitter is cancelled into auto-corrects the direction Tusk’s facing. Can anyone clarify about this? I would appreciate it.!

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I tested this myself, it’s all clear; Tusk can still cancel into any special or shadow special even with his back facing the opponent, the input has to be the normal one, as if you were facing the opponent naturally and of course you can deflect incoming blows on reaction most preferably with his H DP which has deflection points on its first 6 frames.

If I may add something that many Tusk players probably know; When a deflection happens with Tusk’s DP, some freeze frames occur upon it. These offer visual clue and time to cancel your DP into something else (when in Instinct Mode), helping to convert your deflection into a full combo instead of just DP damage. Best choices are Heavy Skull Splitter & my favorite Immortal Step into Destroyer. Both do the same damage but Destroyer leaves you closer and is easier to follow with manuals (step into Destroyer has long startup but still connects because opponent is staggered). If you input a full QCF motion while doing the DP, you need only press a kick button to cancel DP into Immortal Step. These cancels can still be done without the deflection freeze frames, albeit the timing is harder, especially with Skull Splitter (QCB P).

Anyways, these are some stuff I found in the lab :slight_smile:


Sorry I never saw this when you originally posted it.

And yeah, your inputs will always be relative to which side the enemy is on relative to you - which way your character is physically facing is incidental.