Question about the Nintendo Smash games

Hey guys,
I have a question about the Smash games. I have played the first one and Melee. Now that I am getting Switch, I am hopefull for a smash deluxe edition of the WiiU version (like they are doing with Mario Kart).

However, I keep hearing people say they want the melee engine back. This worries me some, how have the games changed (and to some in a negative way) since Melee?

I would ask on other message boards but too many whiners and bad behavior on the once I frequent.

A lot of Melee enthusiasts dislike Brawl and Sm4sh because of its pace and overall lower skill ceiling. It’s more like Smash 64 with refined mechanics than Melee, which has a lot of crazy techy stuff that only tourney level players really use.

Don’t worry about it. Sm4sh is still very deep and there’s a lot of variety. Only things I’d watch out for is certain characters can be a little annoying to fight and online ranked is full of laggers and scrubs. The connection can be really good or really bad, depends on the people you’re playing with.

You can check out some of the videos on my channel if you like.


Thats good then, because while I liked the expanded cast and the more beautiful stages of Melee, I preferred the ‘simpler’ playstyle of the original.

Now lets hope the rumors prove through and I get to play the WiiU version on the Switch :sunglasses:

Where can I find your channel, youtube?

Prepare for salt, and also keep in mind the game has gotten patched up till about April this year, so a lot of stuff is different now.

I recommend starting at the bottom of the playlist instead of the top lol

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Didn’t Sakurai already tweet that he was still working on Smash? (however whether it’s an enhanced port or a new game is still unclear)

I dont know, but on a dutch store website the game is listed for Switch, I also see it as a game that will move systems, so it would be silly if they didnt port it, Smash on the go, on a great screen :heart_eyes: Sign me up.

Nice, the blue bomber and the blue speedster, and then all those other characters, awesome :sunglasses: Make it happen Nintendo :+1:t2:

Yeah I believe that there will be a Smash game for Switch it’s just whether or not it’ll be on launch day is what I wonder.

I hope they increase falling speed, and resurrect the Ice Climbers (with the option of choose a solo Ice Climber or the duo)

Oh yeah, love the ice climbers :grin:

Do you think in Smash Switch they might actually be able to include more characters? Maybe even runner-ups of the Smash Ballot?

Possible, Mario Kart Deluxe has extra characters and a new battle mode…