Question about Stylish Ultra

I’ve seen some people canceling the Ultra ender with instinct (it seems like the frames are missing when that happens) to perform a stylish Ultra. But I can’t get to cancel it. I can only do some stuff by canceling the ultra with instinct and starting again, but it’s not really much. Have you tried this?.
Haven’t tried with full KV meter though…

Cancelling ultra ender with instinct was removed. It was a thing during season 1. Not sure why it was removed though, it made for really cool-looking ultras.


Aww, ok. I tried with full KV meter just to clear doubts, and nothing =( now I get it, they must have changed it Indeed

Hey what’s up all? The forums seem dead, but I’m new here. I’ve had the game for a long time. Since the game came out. I’ve actually just recently found a main which happened to be Sabrewulf. I’ve studied his neutral. I was just wondering what type of combos that other people here go for? Maybe give me an idea of how the guaranteed damage works in the game. That’s the only thing that I have question about. Also nice to meet everyone. Maybe I’ll see you offline one day.

Guaranteed damage usually comes from openers, with most characters you have to take a few risks to get damage after the opener.

Canceling ultra ender was awesome. Your wulf would get all jacked before your opponent would sail across the screen.

Another thing IG dissected and removed. I’m sure there was some lame reason.

People still playing this game?

There are players who, even with the approaching release of SFV, still play KI (some pretty darn well).