Question about Spinal's cancels

This match up I struggle a bit in part because I don’t have enough practice against and in other part because I don’t undertstand him much.
I do know his wake up isn’t good, and there’s an option select for his teleport? (which one is that??). My question is whenever he has skull, is there anything I can do? can I really shadow counter him? Looks like he stays positive when pressuring and I don’t have much to do.

Again I need help/tips against this character. His defense when keeping Wulf away with his normals and anti airs isn’t that bad really. I’m suppose to run a train on him when he is knocked down but that’s exactly what it won’t let me do. I struggle finding the right gaps.

Ok, going to the lab again to check his normals, but what mostly beat me are his set up/mix ups I can’t replicate perfectly.