Question about Sadira's stage

This may or may not be a stupid question, but it’s been getting to me because this is so mysterious to me. This is an elephant in the room to me, but I bet in reality it’s no big deal because no one has brought this up. So, I guess I’m just writing this question partly to get it out there and off of my chest, and also for possible answers.
Everyone else’s stage has an explanation for strange things. For example, there is a portal in Kan Ra’s stage and frozen corpses in Tusk’s stage. Those things are explained in the story modes, biographies, and/or novellas. But who is the man tied up in Assassin’s Cave? Is he there only for special effect like the giant tarantula on the ceiling or is there a story behind that which I’ve missed or something? And hey, maybe if there is no reason, we can speculate for fun if we want. Perhaps he’s a hostage. Or, it’s the cliche hot evil woman luring a man back to her lair to kill him. Then again he is alive. You can see him struggling and hear him screaming. Does anyone have any idea what happened to him?


It’s just for special effect really.


A victim. A nameless victim.


Or he’s simply just used as food for the giant spider :wink: :smiling_imp:

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Has anyone noticed the one large Nintendo 64 stone that falls in the center of assasins cave during the last part of an ultra! It’s an anti aliased huge hexagonal stone I